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Yes, it is here in India! We have announced an upgrade to our Emotion UI (EMUI) for all honor 4X users in the subcontinent. The EMUI 3.0 update introduces visual improvements to the overall user experience. This is the first time we have rolled out an update here in the country and, be assured, more will follow.

So what’s new, you ask? The update introduces a new theme, ‘Go Green’ which is inspired by nature. When you turn the phone on, you are greeted by a lock screen that combines, as the name suggests, ‘green’ sensibilities with clean aesthetics. It is not just the lock screen that has been changed. The fonts can be customised and in sync with the theme, the application icons too get a green palette makeover.

The theme depicts the importance of ‘thinking green,’ not just aesthetically but also conceptually. Through the theme, we aim to create awareness for environmental issues that plague us at the moment. We believe that “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.” That is why, we urge the users to act green, eat green and build green.

Apart from the modified design architecture, we have also worked on a number of stability improvements to give you a more efficient user experience. We have fixed network instability, especially while using open WiFi hotspots and optimised usage of the power button. We have also updated many important applications from Google like Play Books, Calendar, Chrome, Cloud Print, News & Weather, Gmail, Google Play Services, Play Newsstand and Play Music.

To find the theme, search for ‘Go Green’ in ‘Themes’ on your honor 4X.

We have always believed in bettering the smartphone experience for our users with innovative functions and processes. In the future updates, we will introduce more online themes, wallpapers and ringtones.

How do I upgrade my honor 4X?  

You can upgrade the software either Over-The-Air (OTA) or through your SD card, depending on the version of your phone. (To check the version, visit ‘Settings’ -> ‘About phone’ -> ‘Build number.’) Please follow these guidelines.

Over-The-Air (OTA)

Before you start

Check your phone version. It should be ‘Che1-L04V100R001C900B121’

Check if your device has a working WiFi connection

Make sure your device is sufficiently charged (More than 30%)

Back up important personal data. Use the ‘Backup’ application to back up and recover the data.

The process

On the home screen, click on ‘Settings.’ Then open ‘Updater’ and click on ‘Check for updates.’ You will find the list of available updates here

Select ‘Che1-L04V100R001C900B126’ and press ‘Download and Install’

The upgrade process will start. The upgrade package will be downloaded first

In order to install the new upgrade package, click ‘Install.’ An ‘Updater’ dialog box will appear. Press the ‘Install’ button

Device will restart and upgrade. After the upgrade process is completed, device will reboot

Check the version by visiting ‘Settings’ -> ‘About phone’ -> ‘Build number.’ It should be ‘Che1-L04V00R001C900B126’


To make sure that your phone has sufficient power to run the upgrade process, you can charge the handset using a wall charger or USB data cable

Upgrade operations will erase user data. Hence, it is recommended to back up important information

SD Card

Before you start:

Make sure your phone version is ‘Che1-L04 V100R001C900B121’

Before you start, make sure you have an SD card installed on the phone and it has enough free space available

Check the battery level and ensure it is more than 30%

While upgrading, you will lose all data. You should backup all important data before starting the process.

Normal upgrade:

Download the Cherry-L04V100R001C900B126.rar package and extract to your local machine.

After extracting the Cherry-L04V100R001C900B126.rar file, Go to the below mentioned path: Cherry-04V100R001C900B126 > Software folder.

Inside Software folder, you will find the “dload” folder. Please copy the entire “dload” folder to the SD card in your phone.

After successful copy, make sure the file size (UPDATE.APP) is proper in the dload folder. It should be approximately 1.68 GB.

Go to Settings >Update > Menu >Local update .Then Press on Full package: UPDATE.APP and then press Install.

Device will reboot and it will start upgrading to new version.

After the upgrade success, Please verify the version in

Settings -> Aboutphone.

Pictorial steps for easy and better understanding

Step 1: Download and extract the package


Step 2: Go to Software folder


Step 3: Copy dload folder to SD Card.


Step 4: Ensure the file size


Step 5: Start upgrade the new version



Last step: Upgrade validation






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