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In today’s world, a smartphone camera is the only camera most people have access to, and hence it has been deeply integrated into our day-to-day lives. With the availability of the camera in a mobile phone, more and more people are taking pictures and sharing it with their network of friends. This has made the camera option a mandatory feature. Honor’s Holly2 plus also sports two good cameras for users to capture and share their fondest memories.

Honor Holly2 Plus comes with a 13MP primary shooter which gives a 36cm long or 14 inch long reproduction of your shot. This gives you a little extra room to play around with when you are cropping your photos. If you were to double the image size that would be more than enough to crop photos and still have a great looking image on your monitor screen. 


The primary camera on the Honor Holly2 Plus has:
Primary camera resolution: 4160 X 3120 pixels
Video resolution: 1920 X 1080 pixels

Honor Holly2 Plus has an added advantage of EMUI. The camera app has a fresh, clean interface and includes features such as watermarks, panorama beautification and QR code scanning. EMUI promises a simple but feature-rich camera that allows you to record those precious moments in your life.

Holly2 Plus Camera brings with it many features which you will definitely like to explore. The camera has many options like watermark, white balance etc.

The results are good, even in low light. The auto-focus is fast and the images are clear and crisp. The photos come out really well when there is a play of light, like when the sun filters in through the trees in the park. The colors are natural and textures render as they should.
We took the camera for a spin and compared it with Samsung Galaxy On5. Here is a list of features and comparison with Samsung On5 Camera.


To get more camera options on the honor Holly2 Plus, you have to touch the top right corner of the function key which will open the Settings. Here you can find options like a traditional HDR, panorama mode; watermark, Audio note, Beauty and more.
Visit Settings to check out the options available:


Some of the features we loved are:
Watermark: It allows displaying the temperature and date along with the photo clicked

Audio note: Record an audio of 10 seconds after clicking a photo.

Ultra snapshot: Open your camera application by double-pressing volume down key when phone is locked.
Beauty: Configure your selfies in the camera and allow it to render your image to the optimum snapshot using the beauty feature.
HDR: It is a wonderful feature which gives you a high density image which is clearer.

Honor Holly2 plus is considered mainstream in the configuration of the camera, which has front camera with the resolution of 5MP with OV Pure Cell latest technology to support the range of 84 degrees of the shooting; a 13 MP rear camera, using OV’s third-generation back-illuminated sensor.

Here are some more images from Honor Holly2 plus with the effects like Aqua, Sepia, Posterize, Blackboard, Whiteboard, Negative and many more.

Some Camera Shot Samples by Holly 2 plus. 


When shooting moving ants, Holly2 plus performance is very accurate, we can see the details very well; when macro shooting, even in close proximity, it is also able to easily focus with satisfactory imaging.




To summarize, the overall picture quality on the honor Holly2 Plus is satisfactory and is quite competitive with other devices in the same price range.

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