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Did you know about these EMUI features?

At CES earlier this year, tech website Tom’s Guide announced that “It’s hard to find a better smartphone value than the honor 5X.” At a price tag of Rs 12,999, it comes packed with all the right features for a no-nonsense smartphone experience. Take for instance the fingerprint sensor – an intuitive technology that not only authenticates your fingerprint and unlocks your phone, but acts like a button to call, to click a picture, access notifications, and more. Read on to learn about the lesser-known nifty EMUI features.


The many functions of the fingerprint sensor

Visit the Fingerprint section in Settings and you will find an array of options not available even in the high-end smartphones, to customise it to suit your needs.

You can enable the swipe feature to make functions like opening recently used apps simpler. Swipe upward to display “Recently used apps”, tap and hold to “Return to home screen”.


Click photos without exiting the gallery app


On the honor 5X, you can not only view your photos and images in the Gallery – swipe down and voila, you can even click a picture!  

Keep your photos private

Easily hide albums without entering privacy settings. To enable this feature, visit Albums, and in Menu you can hide album.


Note: By entering “Photos” through menu, you will not be able to activate this feature.

Make the best of the EMUI 3.1 on your honor 5X. Want more tips? Keep watching this space or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.




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