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A smartphone battery that doesnt let you down Yes, it is possible.

Today there are a range of phones to choose from which cater to the needs of a user. Whether it’s a fast processor with lots of RAM for efficient multi-tasking, or a great camera phone to capture those memorable moments, or maybe one with a big battery to go in a sleek design, so you’re never worried about the phone dying out.

As smartphones have become more advanced, the battery has taken up a more important role. The newest models in honor’s arsenal of smartphones come with bigger and more powerful batteries. In the latest honor 6Plus, the device runs on one of latest Kirin octa-core processors and comes packed with a full-HD display. This essentially translates into a smooth, crystal clear experience; hence a Li-Po 3600 mAh battery is in place to support the specs.


Likewise in the honor 4X, a 3,000mAh battery lies seeded in the device to support the full HD display. This is also one of the biggest in this price point. You will find with the specs, the battery more than efficiently provides a long life on a single charge.

To better your smartphone experience, an Ultra power saving mode (v2.5) comes standard with all honor phones to work in unison with the battery to bolster the life. This can easily give a light user up to 72 hours of life on a single charge. Even the latest Kirin processors come with state of the art nanometer packaging technology, which basically ensures high battery efficiency and less power consumption.


Imagine you’re on a trek and shooting the beautiful landscape but because the battery begins to run low, the camera automatically switches off. This is a problem that is minimised with a big battery and the power saving mode (v2.5). On phones such as the newly launched 4C and Bee, you can watch your favourite trailers and listen to your favourite music with the large capacity batteries they hold.

And lastly batteries come in thick or thin, long, short and wide sizes. Reason behind this is the materials used to pump in more power for longer lasting usage. This heavily influences design, whether the phone is slim or heavy. With the variation in sizes, honor has been able to capitalize on the design of the phone to a very large extent, crafting phones which are aesthetically pleasing to look at.





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