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IN Blog You craved and we created HONOR Play: 8 times we all wanted a smartphone like this!
August 3, 2018

You craved and we created HONOR Play: 8 times we all wanted a smartphone like this!

"If you can dream it, then we can create it"

How many times you got fed up with your smartphone and thought of getting a new one? You see people around you who are using their phones smoothly without any issues. However, your phone starts acting up when you have to urgently do something very critical. You wished you had a better phone that would suit your needs like filming a live concert or playing games with highest level of graphics. No regrets, let's try to find out 8 features our dream smartphone should have.

1. GPU Turbo Technology can make us to go crazy
Who doesn't want to have a smartphone with impeccable performance? There's a lot of uproar about GPU Turbo which is the best GPU for android gaming coming to HONOR smartphones and it is a big deal. To corroborate this, XDA Developers, the renowned smartphone community, has done a test and the result speak for themselves.

2. An HONOR to relief you from charging chores?
All day scrolling and no charging makes your phone a "smartphone". You have to use your reflexes to reach that nearest charging point every now and then. What if you could sit back and just use your smartphone all day long? Yes, it is possible with the all new HONOR Play which is equipped with a 3750 mAh battery.

3. Attack your virtual enemy with 4G Haptic Feedback
Non gamers may find this "Haptic Feedback" terminology bit confusing. This technology offers you feedback of the game in the form of vibration. For example, when explosions, gunfire and collisions happen in PUBG then you get feedback in the form of vibration also. Let's see what Rajiv Makhni's has to say about the quick unboxing of HONOR Play!

4. Let's finish the game at first
One more round and I will win the game but your phone started heating up like crazy and your battery starts draining! You wish you could play all day long if your battery lasted for a bit longer. Will this wish remain a wish forever?

Khamosh, who talks in this way when 1.5 days of HEAVY usage of HONOR Play can't create any battery related problem? That's why folks are projecting this one as the best upcoming gaming smartphone in India.

5. Powerful RAM to give a damn
Busy bee's and multi taskers, we know you need to switch between different apps at the same time. You must know that how difficult it is to run complex applications or large files if your smartphone is cursed by slower RAM. Just imagine, gaming will become a far-fetched dream. Having a powerful RAM is like a blessing in disguise, guys.

6. A good picture can change our mood
This trick almost everyone has tried but don't open up about it generally. I'm going to spill the bean today how to master this art. How about using 16+2+16 MP camera to click outstanding shots? 16 MP AI powered Selfie Camera will enable a user to identify an object automatically and click it perfectly. Sounds cool, right?

7. Don't say kitne percent battery hain?
How many of you carry either a charger or a power bank to your workplace? You should get a smartphone which supports fast-charging. The charging should be as fast as lightning! You must be thinking that only a day-dreamer can think in this way! Well, keep calm and get ready to see the magic with HONOR Play.

8. Mere awaaz ki pehechaan hain
A powerful game requires fierce sound. No no, we are not advising you to use PlayStation. Imagine, a smartphone is delivering powerful and loud sound. Thanks to 3D Gaming Sound with Histen Audio, which made this possible.

Check out the smartphone that has changed the game – HONOR Play!

you craved and we created honor play: 8 times we all wanted a smartphone like this!