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IN Blog Which HONOR Phone Has long-lasting Battery
November 28, 2018

Which HONOR Phone Has long-lasting Battery

which HONOR phone has long lasting battery

If you want to know which HONOR phone has long-lasting battery, you are in good company. Read this guide to find out which HONOR phone to buy!

Batteries are essential to modern life. We rely on them all day, and we expect them to keep up with us all day, too. So often, though, we find that the battery fails on us all too rapidly. It is not uncommon to see a desperate individual searching for a power point to charge their ailing phone before they get the dreaded enforced shut-down.

You do not want to be that person. And maybe you think that this does not apply to you. You charge overnight and you can top up at work. No problem, you think. Maybe, but what about when you are out with friends on weekends? No chance to charge there, and who wants to wait for a battery boost when you are supposed to be having fun anyway?

Worse, what if you are on holiday somewhere? Exploring the countryside is great, but not if you are miles away from the nearest power point, or on a long train journey. In the latter case, you should be passing the time watching a movie on your phone, or posting up your legendary adventures on Instagram or Facebook. You can't do that if the battery level is dropping, though. Nightmare.

Luckily, the boffins at HONOR have come up with a solution to this whole problem. They've squeezed an amazing battery capacity into the HONOR 8X. Here is how they did it.

HONOR 8X is sleek. Super sleek, in fact. It is less than 8mm thick. That is sexy and slim. And yet, it has the biggest battery in the HONOR range in 2018. It could be magic, but it is more likely to be the astounding battery technology employed in the phone. Li-Po is the latest generation of powerful smartphone batteries. It is lighter than the traditional Li-ion batteries, which means HONOR 8X weighs in at just a flighty 175g. No worries for your pocket, there, then.

Under normal usage, tests show that HONOR 8X will last a lengthy two days. Pretty amazing, really.

Of course, if you are travelling or out with friends, then you'll benefit from the phone's other features, too. Need a local SIM card as well as your regular one? Just slip it straight into your second slot! Want to capture the amazing life you are living and share it with your friends? Brilliant! Just make the most of the dual lens camera, where a colour lens combines with a black and white secondary lens to make magical photos of your unforgettable experiences.

Or just get it all down on video: in 1080p 30fps, you won't miss a thing. And with 64GB memory and option to install a MicroSD card in the second SIM slot, you won't run out of space, either. You will be able to extend it to 400GB storage.

So, there you have it. The HONOR Phone with the long-lasting battery is HONOR 8X, and it is perfect for anyone who hates to be tethered to a power point.