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December 10, 2018

What are the Core Selling Points of HONOR Magic2?

Before HONOR Magic2 is officially released in China, I believe, most people tend to be curious about its slide screen design, since it is currently one of the most popular new solutions. But following the New Product Launch Event, people will redirect their focus to other more amazing merits. HONOR Magic2 inherits the legacy of the previous HONOR Magic versions’ selling points and further enhances AI capabilities based on the new hardware. The latter is the core selling points of this mobile. This article will tell you its core selling points in details.

HONOR Magic2

In view of the system, this mobile equips with MagicLive 2.0 deeply custom-designed and based on Android 9.0 rather than EMUI. MagicLive 2.0 is the updated version of first generation of HONOR Magic systems. The chairman of HONOR ZHAO Min introduced, AI Intelligence is completely upgraded in this new mobile by enhancing AI Intelligence’s hearing, deep learning, decision system, etc. based on the legacy of the former versions. This mobile system is capable of understanding the commands and recognizing its owner, and only responds to the wake-up command given by its owner. HONOR Magic2 also strengthens the security system. HONOR combines the new designs with 3D bionic photosensitive technology, and enhances the safety of face unlocking and payment by using two infrared sensors to conduct 3D face recognition. Additionally, the newly released Flypod earphone also introduces “bone voiceprint” recognition technology that directly converts the voice into encryption information in finance level and supports mobile unlocking and payment. Front 16-megapixels camera, integrated with AI’s assistance, also gets a very powerful selfie capability. All these are counted as the selling points of new mobile.

In the view of hardware, based on the updated Kirin 980 processor, HONOR Magic is available with three versions, i.e. 6GB+128G, 8GB+128GB and 8GB+256GB, with the other 8GB+512GB top configuration version. Besides a bigger capacity, it also supports 3D bionic photosensitive technology together with built-in graphene dissipation technology.

Apart from better built-in AI capabilities, HONOR Magic2 seems more showy in its application of new techs, especially in the hardware designs, some new techs that is possible to go to market pretty soon are all included in this mobile. For example, it realizes Volte voice calls and online activities active on two SIM cards without being disturbed by each other. Also when one card is active in Volte call, the other card can simultaneously connect through calls. And with the help of 4G Volte, Double Telecom Cards can put into use in parallel.

What is more, HONOR Magic2 also supports 1.7Gbp WIFI transmission bandwidth and AI dual-frequency GPS of 15m accuracy. Although it equips with more complex mechanic structure, its battery capacity can still reach up to 3500mAh and it supports 40W quick charging with 50% power charged in 15Min and 85% in 30Min only.

In view of photography, HONOR Magic2 adopts three photography solution and a combo of 16-megapixel color +24-megapixel black and white +16-megapixel 17mm super wide angle. The intelligent object recognition system bundled with AI photography has also been upgraded to recognize more than 1600 scenes and objects, and identify multiple objects in a scene and mix different scene modes to achieve the optimized photographing. AI also provides real-time language translation functions, including text translation and real-time dialogue interpretation specific multiple languages during phone calls.

In addition, new generation MagicLive system also supports clone technology. When switch to a new Magic mobile, the user can clone the trained AI to the new mobile, making it adaptable to your habits of daily use. After reading the introduction above, you may get a basic understanding about Magic2. HONOR Magic2 is worthy to be owned by you.