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IN Blog The Launch is upon us! 9 reasons why you should be as excited as we are!
July 24, 2018

The Launch is upon us! 9 reasons why you should be as excited as we are!

How many of you are speculating that this article will reveal everything about our upcoming launches in a nutshell? No way, we would love to play around with your grey matters. Well, why should we be thoughtful and innovative always while launching new products? This time we have planned to do something hatke. We are here to let you know 9 reasons why you should be as excited as we are regarding our new launch.

Say bye bye to Saas Bahu drama
This name brought a revolution in the world of entertainment. How can we forgot the day Netflix announced to step into India? This US based video streaming company is taking us on a roller coaster ride through their unique content and manageable subscription plans. Imagine, if Netflix were not here how would you become one of those half a million binge-watchers of India?

Think about coffee, think about them
Are you planning to hang out and having a nice coffee with friend's? Wherever you go this green maiden with white mane will catch your eyeball automatically. Still confused? We are talking about Starbucks Coffee here. Do you remember those long queues when they opened doors for the first time? Everyone literally went insane and didn't mind standing in long queue to taste this "heavenly delicious" coffee. Ahem ahem, it was not about just tasting, social media status posting was also a part of it.

AI technology captured in smartphone
Yes, we only pioneered this venture to bring Artificial Technology in the world of smartphone. Those who all are having HONOR 10 in their collection they only know that how can this flagship phone makes you to go crazy! Make yourself free for a while and do check this video out as blowing our own trumpet is not our cup of tea.

Why did Katappa kill Bahubali? Decoded
Well, this headline is enough to explain how everyone went mad over the "Bahubali" launch? Did you ask this question to your kith and keens too? This Indian movie managed to break all kind of milestones even before the first day first show. Don't worry, we are not going to ask you have you watched this series or not?

Still waiting for J.K. Rowling's masterpieces?
How can we forget the day when Harry Potter with his magical wand stepped into India? Thanks to Mattle India for bringing much-coveted Mr. Potter and letting us to escape from our daily routine for a while. A geek with his nerdy look blew our mind in the year 2002 and till then every time Harry Potter's new book has been gaining enormous attention. You are a wizard Harry and can wait for your magic till infinity!

HONOR 7A and 7C ka dhamakedaar entry!
Who has pioneered the art of bokeh effect through dual camera technology? No no, this smartphone won't put a dent in you wallet. Just a pocket pinch can provide you with the best budget smartphone of 2018! What's the name of this Smartphone?

Yeh public hain,saab janti haain HONOR 7A aurHONOR 7C ka jalwaa!

Those who have missed the grand launch event of HONOR 7C and HONOR 7A, they can easily check it out.

Ratan Tata's magical car at 1 Lakh
Tata Nano's fairy tale like journey is not new to anyone. Since pre-production of this aam admi ka car it rarely misses to make headline. Ratan Tata proudly launched Tata Nano in the year 2009. This star-studded launch event became talk of the nation. A four-wheeler that too at this cost was beyond our imagination before this Tata Nano's era.

4G is the new key of communication
Indian telecommunication industry faced a revolution in the year 2016. Ask yourself, have you ever imagined using free unlimited 4G data? Everyone speculated about this grand launch and they nailed it. Free unlimited voice calls and 4G data- it was a dream for us and we dwell on this dream now. We can never run out 4G communication ever.

We know everything Jon Snow
Well, I must say we all want to take a refuge in the world of mystery and fairy tale. What can be the best source to break the monotony of daily life? Simple, start watching the Game of Thrones series. OMG, how beautifully this web-series enthralled our mind that you will be able to figure out from the TRP itself. This web-series literally has been giving us launch goals since 2011!

the launch is upon us! 9 reasons why you should be as excited as we are!