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September 12, 2018

Shopping Redefined with HONOR Play's Hi Touch

"Is there more to life than shopping?" -Amanda Ford

Puja and Harita, two besties are puzzled now as they are trying to find out a particular dress donned by a Bollywood starlet. Let's eavesdrop on their conversation to understand how they will manage to buy that particular garment.

shopping redefined with honor play's hi touch

Puja: Harita, I thought of wearing that particular lehenga which Bhumi Pednekar was wearing during her reel marriage in the film Shubh Mangal Savdhan movie. Wait, I will show you a picture of that red lehenga. I want to deck myself up in the same attire during the fresher's in our college. You have seen me searching for it frantically everywhere still I'm not getting it! Hey Bhagbaan, ab mein kya karu!

Harita: Have you searched it online instead of roaming around all the markets and telling "bhaiya, hume movie waala lehenga hi chahiye"?

Puja: Online? Where?

Harita: It had happened with me earlier. I liked a necklace worn by some actress but wasn't able to get it. Trudging through the market aimlessly, I was about to give up the desire of owning that neckpiece! Finally, I thought of clicking a picture of that neckpiece from that particular short-film. One fine morning I was taping on that image randomly and next part you won't believe darling even I got spellbound!

Puja: Will you please come to the point?

Harita: Why do you interrupt me always? Listen, one day I was in the mood to explore my phone. I just touched an option called Shopping Mode. Meanwhile, I was touching that image with two thumbs of mine and thinking how would I look in that ornament? Suddenly, Nykaa got opened and I am seeing the necklace that I wanted to buy all this time!

shopping redefined with honor play's hi touch

Later, I have understood that my phone is blessed with a special feature of AI camera called Hi Touch which helps us to shop conveniently.

Puja: I will WhatsApp you the image of my dress now! Find me my dress! Also, I think I will have to switch to HONOR Play.

Harita: I know you will yell at me but this time I will explain you how it works in a nutshell. Don't forget to take a snap of whatever you like. After selecting the shopping mode, just click the picture of whichever product you want to buy and it will identify the product as well as give you list of websites from where you can buy it! Kudos to this AI shopping feature called Hi Touch.

After a long round of search these girls have successfully purchased that particular lehenga without even stepping out of their house.

Have you faced the same problem in your life while shopping? Why don't you check out this uber-cool AI shopping feature of HONOR Play?

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