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IN Blog How To Take Screenshots With Your HONOR Phone
November 2, 2018

How To Take Screenshots With Your HONOR Phone

Buying a new HONOR phone? Can’t take screenshots with your HONOR phone? No worries! Here are multiple methods for you to take screenshot on your device!

Now let’s take a look!

Capturing screenshot on HONOR phones is very easy. In this post, we will cover two different methods to take the screenshot on HONOR mobile phone.

Method One

Like most Android phones, the HONOR mobile phones can press and hold volume down and power keys simultaneously to quickly realize the screen capture.

Firstly, we introduce where the two keys are. Both volume keys and power button are at the display panel’s right side. And the power button is just below the volume keys. But there are two volume keys in a single volume button. The lower end for decreasing the volume is that we need while the volume up key we don't use this time.

Then we utilize volume down key and power button to take the screenshot. The operation process is very simple. Open the interface of your HONOR phone that requires screenshots, and press both volume down key and power button and hold them until the screen you need is captured.

Method Two

You can use the device’s Smart Screenshot function to take screenshots.

Above all, you need to find where the Smart Screenshot key is. Enable the feature by going to the navigation of HONOR phone to Settings menu -> Smart assistance -> Motion control.

how to take screenshots with your HONOR phone – smart screenshot

Then you can now double-tap the display with a single click to take a screenshot. You also can tap the display firmly with your knuckle, tracing it around the image you wish to capture. Draw a circle, square or a heart shape to capture that selected area. Finally, please save and share the image as required

What’s more, knocking on the device twice with two knuckles at the same time can start a video recording of your screen. Knock and draw an “S” also can start a scrolling screenshot.

With different firmware version, there are different user interfaces. Besides the Smart Screenshot key, there may be the Three-finger screenshot.

how to take screenshots with your HONOR phone – three finger screenshot

With the Three-finger Screenshot function, a simple action swiping down can take a screenshot easily.

how to take screenshots with your HONOR phone – three finger screenshot process

What mentioned above are two simple ways to capture screenshot on HONOR mobile phones. If you know any other easy methods to take the screenshot, please share it with us.