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IN Blog How To Take Good Instagram Photos on HONOR 8X
November 5, 2018

How To Take Good Instagram Photos on HONOR 8X

We know someone like you are trying to find some simple tweaks you can use to start taking good Instagram photos. But most of articles are the ideas of "DO THIS NOT THAT". For example:

Use your eyes before you use the lens.
Get physically close to your subjects.
Draw the viewer in with a clear point of interest.
Look for strong colors, shapes and lines.
Shoot from different angles.
Keep your edits simple and in a uniform style.
Find out the certain trends and copy.

Of course, they are useful when you are practicing all the time for taking better Instagram photos. Whatever. AI Camera in the mobile phone, more than ever, really means something to us.

how to take good instagram photos on HONOR 8x

What to do next when you have the AI camera of HONOR 8X?

Step1: Taking advantage of the AI camera

The HONOR 8X comes with a large 3750 mAh battery to support it's 6.3 inch screen and 20MP +2MP dual rear cameras. Plus with its internal AI, you are able to take and store large, high-quality photos. So the built-in camera will be your important tool.

Note that you can adjust camera settings that may suit your needs:

Shoot automatically- Touch viewfinder, touch Volume button, or capture smiles
Focus- auto focus or fixed focus

Now, you can take stunning photos. Thankfully, the smart assistant AI has set the shutter speed, aperture, ISO and others. Below are some examples:

Portrait Mode- is used to take photos of human including you, your friends and family.
Panorama Mode- means you are able to take panoramic photos with a wider viewing angle.
Wide Aperture Mode- will blur the background and highlight the subject. So as to showcase a peony in a sea of flowers, highlight you in a crowd, or increase the brightness in a low light environment.
Light Painting Mode- which automatically sets a slow shutter speed to take long-exposure shots of light trails (moving cars and light, for example).

Apart from 4 shooting modes above you need to know, some interesting capture modes of video also can do well. Use Time-lapse to create a short video or record a scene approximately one second by take a moving picture.

Using AI camera of HONOR 8X, it will be easy for all photographer to get images with fun and natural lighting.

Step2: Editing the photo if need

To get better photos, sometime you need to edit them later on. Everyone should not unfamiliar to these:

Crop the photo- Drag the grid tool box or its corners to make your selection. Thus to pull your focal point closer to the viewer or cut something imperfect out.
Add filter effects- A filter effect makes the photo better but do not overdo it.
Add a watermark or tag- It will enrich your photos. The photo is telling a good story. Some short and sweet words can too.

Step3: Let’s do step 1 and 2 one more

AI actually could smartly adjust the camera settings perfectly to that category and create good photos, but at the same time, you may still have to take or edit the same shot multiple times in order to get it just right.