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IN Blog How to Set up Find My Phone On HONOR
November 16, 2018

How to Set up Find My Phone On HONOR

Before we show you how to get started installing and setting up Find My Phone on HONOR, it's important to know whether your phone will work with it. Why not open your HONOR device right now? If you take enough care with the security & privacy settings, the answer should be right under your nose. Yes, there is Find My Device which relies on GPS & network. It will be helpful in remotely tracking, locking, and erasing the data on a lost or stolen phone.

Obviously, to use Find My Device, you should make sure you have done these:

Sign in to your Google Account,
Have Find My Device turned on,
Have Location turned on.

find my phone on HONOR

Additionally, the lost or stolen phone must:

Be turned on,
Be connected to mobile data or Wi-Fi,
Be visible on Google Play.

And then, you are able to locate the lost HONOR phone remotely.

On Mobile – Download Find my Device app
On PC - visit or just google “find my device”

find my device for android phone

Note that if someone were to have access to your Google account, they could sign into your account and find where your phone is through this service. So whether you use this setting is up to you. But the function is clear, via the map of Google, you can know the current, approximate location of the device.

find my device - location access

Well. Using this service, 3 things you can do with your phone when you cannot find your HONOR device.

Play Sound: To make the device ring continuously at full volume for five minutes even if the phone is silenced or someone try to turn the ringer off.
Secure Device: To lock the screen and leave anyone who hold your device a message or a phone number you can be reached.
Erase Device: Worst case, to permanently delete all apps, media, settings, and user data from the device.

FAQs about Find My Phone on HONOR:

  • 1. Can I locate my phone if I didn't have Find My Device configured on it?
    Unfortunately not.
  • 2. Can I locate my phone if I had Location Services turned off, or Airplane Mode turned on?
    No, both of these settings prevent your device from reporting its location to the Google.
  • 3. Can I find my phone when it is turned off (or battery is dead)?
    Simply, you can't.
  • 4. Can I find my phone if the SIM card is removed?
    Yes, this is possible, but only if the device is turned on and connected to a Wi-Fi network.
  • 5. Is there a reason to not wipe a lost phone?
    One reason to not wipe it would be that you can continue tracking it and hopefully recover it.