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IN Blog How to Enable Developer Options in HONOR 8X
November 27, 2018

How to Enable Developer Options in HONOR 8X

As a mobile operating system, Android is designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones. Based on a modified version of the Linux kernel and other open source software, Android is well known for its ease of use and advantages over other systems. One option in Android is called Developer Options, a hidden menu that gives you access to many kinds of useful tools.

Developer Options, as the name suggests, is especially designed for developers. However, if you are not a developer at all, you can also turn on it to use some of the features provided within that.

To enable this Developer Options in your smartphone, the steps are quite simple. Let’s take HONOR 8X as the example.

How to Turn on Developer Options in HONOR 8X:

1. The smartphone must be turned on, so hold down the Power key for a short while.

2. In the main interface of HONOR 8X, find and tap on Settings.

3. Under Settings interface, tap on System and open About phone.

enable developer options in HONOR 8X

4. In the next interface of About phone, tap 7 times on Build number to become a developer.

5. Go back to System menu, and you will see the Developer Options has been activated in the lower part.

enable developer options in HONOR 8X

6. Congratulations! Now you are able to access all features under Developer Options. Simple tap on Developer Option to see them.

enable developer options in HONOR 8X

How to Use Developer Options?

There are a lot of things to try under Developer Options, but be careful to turn on them because if you are not a developer, misuse of these settings might cause the smartphone to run abnormally. Here are the brief introduction of some options.

Stay Awake

Turn on this option to display certain apps while charging the HONOR phone. If you want to force the Android device to show a standard Android app which does not intend to show in Android’s Daydream Mode, you can enable the Stay awake option here. Android will keep your device’s screen on while charging and won’t turn it off.

Enable USB Debugging

“USB debugging”, although the name sounds like an option for Android developers, it is actually not. It might be the most widely used hidden option in Android. With this option turned on, upi can use applications on your computer to interface with your Android phone over the USB connection.

To avoid security issues, Android will force you to agree to a prompt every time you plug your device into a new computer with USB debugging enabled.

How to Turn off Developer Options in HONOR 8X:

1. Go to your HONOR 8X’s Settings again.
2. Scroll down to the Apps & notifications section
3. Tap into the Apps menu
4. Locate the Settings application
5. Select the Storage option

enable developer options in HONOR 8X

6. Tap on Clear Data. This will remove the Developer options and might reset some of your preferences within the Settings menu.

enable developer options in HONOR 8X