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IN Blog How to do a screenshot on HONOR phone
November 2, 2018

How to do a screenshot on HONOR phone

Many people maybe have worries about how to do a screen on HONOR phones when they get a new HONOR device. But you, who are reading the article now, don’t need to worry, because the following post will tell you at once.

Nowadays, the concept of screenshot has evolved. Plenty of phone manufacturers offer users various combinations or software gestures to do a screenshot though the function is still the same fundamentally. The HONOR phones follow the same rules and allow you more than one method to capture screens.

Now let’s take a look!

Taking screenshot on HONOR phones is very easy and we will cover two different methods in this article.

Method One

The first way is the most convenient and quickest way to take screens. And most Android phones use this method to capture screens as well.

You just need press and hold volume down and power keys simultaneously and you can quickly realize the screen capture. In this way, you will see a quick animation and hear a feedback sound that will show that a screenshot was just done.

how to do a screenshot on honor phone – keys

By the way, both volume keys and power button are at the right side of the HONOR screen. The two buttons that are connected together are the volume keys. The lower end for decreasing the volume is that we need this time. And the power button is just below the volume keys.

Then open your phone screen that requires screenshots and press and hold volume down key and power button to take the screenshot at the same time until the screen you need is captured.

Method Two

This is a special function. It has been used to some smartphone, but the HONOR 8 is the first Android phone to get it.

First at all, you need to activate the Smart Screenshot feature in your HONOR phone. Enable the feature by going to the navigation menu of HONOR phone to Settings menu -> Smart assistance -> Motion control.

how to do a screenshot on HONOR phone – settings how to do a screenshot on HONOR phone – settings

Now select Smart screenshot from the list of features and switch it on.

Then you can use the Smart Screenshot function of the HONOR phone to take screenshots. Please close the settings app and go to the screen which you want to capture.

The following part is very interesting. You can double-tap the display with a single knuckle to take a screenshot. Then your phone will slightly vibrate and a screenshot preview will be shown on your screen.

You also can tap the display firmly with your knuckle, tracing it around the image you wish to capture. Draw a circle, square or a heart shape to capture that selected region.

Finally, please save and share the image which you need.

In summary, there are the two main ways to do a screenshot on HONOR phone. Have you learnt them?