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September 12, 2018

How to Choose a Smartphone? Check Your Decisive Factors

With the development of technology, smartphones can be found everywhere. When you’re shopping around a smartphone, different brands, different functions and different prices make it difficult to reach a decision. Then, how to choose a smartphone suit for your need?

choose a smartphone

Here are the key points you must to know before you choose a smartphone that works for you.

1. Operating system:

There are three operating systems including Android, iOS and Windows system. It is recommended to use Android or iOS operating system. Android system is widely used, and apps available on Android is also extremely rich, meanwhile it is easily customized and typically sold at a lower cost. IOS system consumes little power and does not occupy too much memory, but usually at a higher price. Windows Phones are less common, but emphasize integration with Microsoft products and offer high end camera software on certain models.

2. Brand:

Brand is important and it is recommended everyone should choose well-known mobile phone brand since you can get better products and services. HONOR brand is known for its quality products and value for money mobile phones. HONOR phones are all built on Android system, with good quality and powerful standby capacity and performance. HONOR smartphone product lines support well both daily use and game playing.

3. RAM and ROM storage

Generally, larger RAM memory make a smoother mobile phone running experience. It is recommended that a smartphone’s RAM should be more than 4G. ROM storage is generally higher than 32G, and 64GB is recommended. Since some HONOR phones support expanded storage, so this is no longer an issue. For some models, the ROM storage can be extended to 256GB.

4. Screen resolution:

Resolution can have a huge impact on the phone experience, and it is recommended to choose a higher resolution, which should be at least 1280x720. For example, HONOR 10 which was released in 2018 has a resolution of 2280x1080 pixels.

5. Android system version:

Android system is updated quickly, so it is recommended that you choose the new version of Android. Newer phones are typically faster and more powerful than their respective older versions. Certainly newer phones will be at a higher cost. However, what is also worth mentioned is that older model phones usually have difficulties running new applications. When a new phone model is released, the older models will immediately go down or the price will often decrease.

Regardless of your choice, understand that technology moves very quickly and that newer phone models will continue to appear. Eventually every smartphone will seem old or obsolete. At present, HONOR Play, HONOR 10 and HONOR 7S are all running latest Android 8.1.0(Android Oreo).

6. Purchase channel:

It is suggested that you should go to the official website (official channel) for purchase, so as not to buy fake products or refurbished machines. Choose your country in HONOR Global site and purchase online is easy and convenient.

Decide to choose a new phone? It’s never too late to think more before you make any phone-changing decisions!

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