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November 27, 2018

How to change language on HONOR phone

We have known that HONOR phones are very popular for the young people. The models of this brand performance very well and at the same time, their price are sensible. HONOR phones support many magical features you can image. Today, this article will tell you how to change language on HONOR Android phone.

Why we need to change language on the phone? It depends on your own personal preference. Take HONOR 8X as an example, to change language on HONOR phone, just follow the below steps:

Open Settings, and go to System > Language & input>Language. Then you will see English (United States) and Simplified Chinese (China) and ADD LANGUAGE, If you want to add other languages, just touch the ADD LANGUAGE , then you will see many options for you to choose. Just touch and add your preferred language, you will see it in your Language preferences. Check the language you want, then the HONOR phones’ language will be changed soon.

For your better understanding, I screenshotted the steps, just check the pictures below:

1) Find the button Settings on your HONOR phone and touch it.


2) Then you will see the screen of Settings, choose the System.


3) Then you will see the screen of System, choose the Language & input


4) On this step you will see the screen of Language & input, choose Language and touch it.


5) Then you will see the screen of Language preference, and there is a button ADD LANGUAGE, touch it.


6) Then you can see the screen of Add language, choose your favorite language.


7) For example, if you choose Japanese, then Japanese will be showed under Language preference, check it and the language will be changed to Japanese as the picture below shows. Certainly, you can just choose your preferred language as you like.


Through the above instructions, hope you have known how to change language on HONOR phone.