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IN Blog HONOR's Best Mobile Phone In India
November 27, 2018

HONOR's Best Mobile Phone In India

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Looking for the best mobile phone in India? HONOR has a full range of smartphones that will fit the bill perfectly. This guide will take you through the options.

When it is time to pick a new smartphone, you want to be sure that you are getting the most for your money. There are a bewildering array of features and prices to choose from, but there is an easy way to cut down on the noise: you will not regret buying an HONOR phone. With a focus on stunning features coupled with a solid engineering background, HONOR has proved that they are committed to bringing the best mobile phones to India at the best value prices.

So, which phone from the excellent HONOR range should you choose? A great option is HONOR 8X. Firstly, the design is beautiful. The front is almost entirely screen, with tiny bezels that are almost unnoticeable. Thanks to this, it looks very sleek. On the rear, a glass panel split into two: one side boasts a complex intertwined and grained texture, while the other is the reflective pattern effect that features on HONOR's flagship phones. The contrast looks super stylish.

8X is designed from the ground up to be a very usable phone. Need to use two SIM cards? No problem. Add in a MicroSD card at the same time for huge storage capability and versatility. And you will be glad of the 3750mAh battery, which will keep up with your busy life throughout the day.

The graphics are boosted by GPU Turbo, which makes the graphics system much more efficient. This means more frames per second (fps) and more fps stability in games while still reducing the power consumed.


The whole thing is powered by the Kirin 710 chipset. With a 12nm system on chip, it can harness a 75% increase in power over predecessors. That is powerful.

But what is power unless it is used well? Luckily, HONOR has been making a stir in smartphone circles for some time. The reason? The cameras on HONOR phones are incredible! 8X boasts the flagship Dual AI Camera technology. Two lenses allow background and bokeh effects that make pictures of people look absolutely stunning. Multi scene recognition is able to recognise 22 different categories and an incredible 500 scenarios. This allows 8X to optimise the image in real-time for perfect photos every time.

8X's camera is capable of letting plenty of light in, with an aperture of f1.8, but sometimes even that is not enough. No worries, though, because 8X can make long exposures without having to bother with the old-fashioned tripods. The clever technology can take multiple shots in succession and stitch them together seamlessly for night shots you can actually see!

HONOR 8X is a great choice when looking for a new smartphone. It comes with a solid engineering pedigree coupled with features that will revolutionise how you enjoy your device. Do not compromise: choose HONOR 8X.