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IN Blog HONOR's Best Gaming Phone Under 15000
November 27, 2018

HONOR's Best Gaming Phone Under 15000

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What is HONOR's best gaming phone under 15000? The answer is simple, and the phone is surprising. This article has everything you need to know...

You might be forgiven for thinking that it is not possible to get a great gaming phone for 15000. With all the technology required to make a great gaming phone, you would expect a high price tag. Well, you will be pleasantly surprised by what HONOR has to offer. Read on to find out which HONOR phone is the choice for you.

HONOR 8X is a stunning smartphone and is the perfect choice for a gaming phone under 15000. It is based on some class-leading software and hardware engineering that makes playing games a more enjoyable experience than ever before.

The first thing to look at with gaming phones is, of course, the screen. It is meaningless having loads of power if the screen experience is not good. Thankfully, HONOR 8X is exactly what you need. It boasts a screen size of 16.51cm (6.5 inches) and, thanks to the almost borderless design, it fits neatly into your hand in the same way as an older style 5.5 inch device would. This ergonomic design makes it a great fit for gaming, literally.

The beautiful display comes with FHD+ resolution and a colorspace that covers 85% of the NTSC gamut. Brilliant, whichever way you look at it. Even more, it features an eye comfort mode that has been certified by the exacting TÜV Rheinland labs in Germany. This system reduces blue light radiation to make using the display for long gaming sessions easier on your eyes.

Another big feature for gamers is HONOR's new GPU Turbo feature. This gets the most out of the powerful graphics hardware and allows an increase in FPS and FPS stability while reducing the power consumed by the unit. This means that you can game in better quality, for a longer period.

And those epic gaming sessions are further enhanced thanks to 8X's capacious 3750mAh battery.


Of course, there are all the other features that you would naturally expect from an HONOR smartphone. Things like Face Unlock, which features a bar on unlocking when your eyes are closed. This is pretty smart if you do not want prying eyes to unlock your phone while you sleep! You can also be sure that notifications on your lock screen won't be seen by others, because 8X will only show the content of these notifications when it recognises your face. Anyone else will just see a private notification.

The powerful processing that drives all of this technology has another benefit for shoppers. If you see something you would like to buy but have no idea where you can get it from, then all you have to do with 8X is point the camera at it. The AI Shopping system in 8X will start searching online to find it.

The price for all this technology in the palm of your hand is incredible. HONOR 8X really is HONOR's best gaming phone under 15000.