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IN Blog HONOR's Best Camera Phone Under 25000
November 27, 2018

HONOR's Best Camera Phone Under 25000


You will not believe the amazing camera phone you can buy for under 25000. Read on to find out how to get your hands on it!

You want to take amazing pictures that look stunning on your Instagram, and to do that you need a camera phone that gets the best out of every scene. But you don't need to spend a fortune to get access to the premium life. HONOR 10 is exactly what you need.

HONOR knows camera phones, and the latest generation is the greatest yet. Not only do they have incredible optics in the physical lenses, but they also harness the mind bending power of digital processing to produce perfect shots, every time.

On the back of HONOR 10, you will find a dual lens 24MP+16MP camera. This can do depth perception like a pro, and results in incredible background bokeh effects on your portraits and group shots. Pro photographers study for years to get this stuff right. Now, your photos will look like a pro took them, with zero effort on your part.

The magic happens inside HONOR 10, where the processor uses its specially developed Artificial Intelligence capabilities to recognise and adapt to over 500 scenarios across 22 categories. This means that the phone can optimise the photo you are taking.

For example, there is a difference in photography terms between a beautiful holiday landscape and the incredible dinner you are eating, but most camera phones just treat them the same regardless. Not the HONOR 10. It can adjust every parameter to get the best outcome. And you will not have to do anything to make this happen. HONOR 10 does it all by itself.

HONOR 10 Back Hold

Incredibly, it can also do this to different elements of the same photo. It will recognise subsections of the image separately and adjust those sections differently. Perfection every time.

If videos are more your thing, then you will love the power of HONOR 10's EIS system. Electronic Image Stabilisation (to give it its full name) gets rid of blur and jitter caused by a shaky hand. Again, professionals spend millions on equipment to get steady shots. Now you can enjoy the same quality without the huge price tag.

On the front of the sleek and stylish HONOR 10, you will see the discreet selfie camera. And what a camera it is. 24MP on the front! Incredible detail and quality are backed up by more AI processing, specially designed for selfies. The camera is super light sensitive for the best low-light performance and features 4 in 1 light fusion technology. Add in the upgraded face recognition and facial modelling, together with the beautiful 3D portrait lighting system, and you've never looked so good!

HONOR 10 is an incredible camera phone. It uses the power of processing to produce incredible pictures that you can be proud of. Not only that, but it is available at an astounding price. It is no wonder that many say that HONOR have produced the best camera phone under 25000.