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IN Blog HONOR's Best Camera Phone in 2018
November 27, 2018

HONOR's Best Camera Phone in 2018

It is 2018. Nobody wants to own a bad camera phone. Do not put up with compromise! Get yourself HONOR's best camera phone in 2018 and enjoy the premium life wherever you go. Here is what you need to know.

Years ago, if you wanted to keep a memento of an event or an evening out with friends, you had to take a separate camera with you. You would take a few pictures on it, perhaps with a blinding flash going off, then pay (yes, pay!) to get the film processed. When you got your printed photos back, you would hope that at least some of them had turned out okay.

Then, digital cameras came along. That was a step forward, because at least you could see what you had taken within a few seconds, but most digital cameras still did not turn out very good pictures without some very intensive photography training. This is no way to live in the 21st Century! Now, the perfect image is less than a second away, with the smart, sleek HONOR 10.

HONOR 10 front

The magic in HONOR 10 comes from its Artificial Intelligence camera. Let us have a look at what this means.

Would you know the best way to expose a picture of, say, a cloudy day over the sea? Well, a pro photographer would. They would know exactly how to adjust the parameters of the image to get the best result, the sort of photo that you might see in a calendar or a glossy magazine. The only trouble is that you probably are not a pro photographer, and you do not happen to have one handy while you are looking at that beautiful beach scene. No need to worry, as long as you have your HONOR 10 in your pocket, because all of the adjustments a pro would make, HONOR 10 can make too. And in real time.

HONOR 10 Photo Taking

It can look at the scene in front of you and recognise what it is. And do not think that it might only be a handful of different options, like old digital cameras used to have. HONOR 10 has 22 categories with over 500 different scenarios, so it should have no trouble identifying whatever you throw at it. It can even combine different scenes within one photograph.

Once it has worked out what you are taking, HONOR 10 will then adjust every aspect of the picture to optimise the end result. This gives you great pictures ever time, and you do not have to worry about anything except having a great time and making sure you capture every moment.

Your friends will love you for choosing HONOR 10, too. It has special modes to ensure that portraits are gorgeously lit and superbly enhanced to capture your friends' true beauty. Add in the 3D Portrait Lighting, which sculpts the light, for pro quality portraits, and you will quickly become the official photographer for your group!

HONOR 10 is an amazing phone for all your photography needs. Whatever you like to do with your camera phone, HONOR 10 will be your best camera phone in 2018, without a doubt.