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IN Blog HONOR's Best Budget Smartphone in 2018
November 27, 2018

HONOR's Best Budget Smartphone in 2018

HONOR best budget smartphone 2018

Are you looking to get the best budget smartphone for 2018? Do you want to keep the cost down but the features high? Read this article to find out everything you need to know.

Smartphones are available with a multitude of options these days. Some of the fancier ones are not as useful as others, but you are still expected to pay for them.

Then there are the cheapies. Nobody looks good holding some of the cheapest phones on the market. They are plasticky and often do not work well.

So how do you stop this madness and get yourself the best budget smartphone in 2018? HONOR has a phone that fits this brief perfectly. Here are the details...

Say hello to the HONOR 8X – a great budget phone. Priced reasonably, it still manages to pack in a whole boat load of features. The first thing you notice is the 16.51cm FHD+ display. It fills almost the entire front of the phone and provides a very immersive experience. On the back, the two contrasting textures give the 8X a premium feel.

If, like many people, you are worried about the tiring effect smartphone use has on your eyes, then this is the phone for you. The prestigious TÜV Rheinland labs in Germany have certified the 8X's eye comfort mode, which reduces the amount of blue light radiation to stop that tired eye effect. Meanwhile, if you are in bright sunshine, the sunlight display will ensure you can still see what is going on. And those who love a bit of reading under the covers are sure to love the night mode.

Maybe you are quite the smartphone photographer? Most budget phones compromise heavily on the camera, but you will love what the 8X can do for you. Featuring HONOR's famous Artificial Intelligence technology, the 8X can recognise 500 scenarios in real time and switch up its setting to ensure that you get a picture that really can paint a thousand words. The associated AI beauty effect adjusts and retouches portraits for great photos of your friends or even the perfect selfie. With a 20MP dual lens camera and speedy f1.8 aperture, you cannot go wrong with the camera on the 8X. And not many budget phones can boast that.

It also features a multitude of other features to help your photography shine. The AI sports shot mode dials down the shutter speed and uses motion detection get all the impact of sporty action, while very low light images are now actually possible thanks to the 8X's remarkable ability to take a series of frames and stitch them together into one long-exposure photo that is not ruined by the movement of your hands. It is effectively the same principle as panorama photos, but it builds up the available light in one scene instead of taking a photo of a wider space.

Add in other useful features, such as Face Unlock and NFC instant payments and file transfer and you are looking at a fantastic phone. It is not the cheapest in the HONOR range, nor the most expensive, but it gives you some genuinely premium features at a price that does not require a bank loan. Win-win, wouldn't you say?