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November 27, 2018

HONOR's Best Battery Life Mobile


Low battery warning? Do not put up with it. Enjoy freedom with HONOR's best battery life mobile. Want to know more? This article will explain all.

Nobody likes running out of battery. That feeling of dread as you watch the little battery life symbol creep ever lower. Will you make it through the day? What if you forgot to pack a charger? Will you manage to find a charger or, worse, will you even be stranded with no mobile to help you out? Nightmare. Luckily, the clever boffins have squeezed an amazing amount of charge into one of their phones. If you want to avoid the scary thought of having no battery left, then you should read on.

The amazing phone with the incredible battery life is the HONOR 8 Pro. It breaks new ground in battery life. Smartphones are pretty hard on their batteries because they have a lot to do. In a typical smartphone, the battery has to power the screen and the touch interface, which need a lot of power, especially on sunny days. The processor and graphics system suck up energy as well, because everything that happens on your phone has to go through it. Then there are the radio chips: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular. This all gets worse if you are in a marginal reception area because your phone has to work harder to maintain a signal. Add in cameras, headphones and memory chips and you can see how much your battery has to cope with. That is why so many people dread the second half of the day, where battery life starts to fall.

Not anymore. The HONOR 8 Pro comes fitted with a 4000mAh power unit, which allows it to maintain the operation of the phone longer. A lot longer, in fact. In tests, the 8 Pro was able to provide 2 whole days of regular use between charges. It even copes with 1.44 days of heavy usage, which is incredible.

If you are always talking to friends on the phone, then the HONOR 8 Pro, HONOR's best battery life mobile, is perfect for you, with tests showing 16 hours of talk time available. That's basically the entire time you are awake in a day! The standby time is equally amazing, at 453 hours.

All of this is possible thanks to the SmartPower 5.0 technology built into every HONOR 8 Pro. It ensures that it does not waste the slightest bit of battery power, meaning you can get on with using your phone, instead of worrying about the battery.

When the time does come to top up the battery, the charge time will not hold you back either. Fast Charge technology allows a meaningful boost whenever you have the time, and a full charge takes around 1 hour and 50 minutes. Pop it on when you are out for lunch and, by the time you are done, you will have a healthy battery life again.

You might think that the large capacity battery would make the phone unwieldy. Not so, since the HONOR engineers have managed to fit the huge 4000mAh battery into a case that is just 6.97mm thick. And it weighs just 184g, so it feels great in the hand.

If you are sick of running out of battery, it is no wonder that you are looking for the best battery life mobile. And HONOR's 8 Pro will be the perfect choice.