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November 26, 2018

HONOR's Best Android Phone In India

Want to take advantage of the power of Android? Do not settle for anything but HONOR's best Android phone in India! Want to find out what it is? Read on and all will be revealed.

Android is an incredible operating system. Used all over the world, it is renowned for its versatility and reliability. Not only that, but the newest update, Android 9 Pie, is set to bring even more useful features. But to fully take advantage of Android, you need a phone that is capable of harnessing its power. So, which is HONOR's best Android phone?

HONOR View 10 hold

Step forward, the HONOR View 10. If you are getting tired of your old phone, this will be a revelation. The capabilities of the View 10 make your life both easier and richer. Let us find out how.

The first thing is that the View 10 runs EMUI 8. This is HONOR's special user interface, which is based on Android. It takes the solid platform of Android and builds an easy-to-use yet hugely powerful interface on top. And the results are impressive. It uses Artificial Intelligence – a big buzzword in technology circles at the moment – to learn the unique way in which you use your View 10. This allows it to anticipate what you need to do and allocate resources accordingly. The practical upshot of this is that you get better battery life and a smoother and faster experience. One size does not fit all!

That Artificial Intelligence is powered by the Kirin 970 processor, which has been specifically designed to perform incredible feats of machine learning. This power, combined with EMUI 8, makes sure that your phone will continue to run smoothly, even after months of hard use.

The AI in the View 10 is put to another good use in the phone's camera. Not only can you enjoy taking images more with the 5.99 inch screen with 18:9 ratio, you can also take advantage of the powerful AI camera. It allows you to keep better track of fast moving objects with AI motion detection, meaning you never miss anything, unlike some lesser camera phones.

Where it really shines, though, is its ability to recognise and optimise scenes. 13 different scene types are available, and the View 10 will automagically adjust to get the best out of each one. You do not have to do a thing to take advantage of this feature – it all happens in the background. All you have to do is point and shoot.

The best news? When the latest version of Android comes around, the View 10 will be able to adopt it. Android 9 Pie features a whole set of optimisations that will take machine learning to the next level. You can be sure that, with the HONOR View 10, you will have a phone in your hand capable of taking best advantage of all of those exciting new features.

All of the evidence undoubtedly points to one thing. If you are looking to make sure you are equipped with HONOR's best Android phone in India, then the View 10 is the one you need. Check it out now – you will not be sorry!