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IN Blog HONOR 8X: Optimize Your Smartphone Power Consumption
November 6, 2018

HONOR 8X: Optimize Your Smartphone Power Consumption

As a device powered by batteries, smartphone power consumption is always the top concerns of smartphone users. Is there a way to optimize the power consumption on your smartphone to allow the device running longer? The answer is yes. Thanks to the development of smartphone technology, the power consumption optimization can be achieved in some advanced chipset running latest Android phone system.

Here we would introduce how you can optimize your smartphone power consumption via Smart Power-Saving Management. This option is available in the latest Honor phone model – Honor 8X .

Enable Smart Power-Saving Management to Optimize Power Consumption

Running out of battery at an inopportune time can cause many inconveniences. Smart power-saving management helps you to effectively extend the battery life of your Phone so that you can better enjoy your favorite games and other interests.

Open Phone Manager and touch remaining to perform the following:

optimize honor 8x smartphone power consumption
Comprehensive power consumption analysis and optimization: Touch Optimize battery usage to check for power consumption problems and automatically optimize performance.
optimize honor 8x smartphone power consumption
Enable Power-saving mode or Ultra power-saving mode: Enable Power saving mode or Ultra power saving mode. Choose the appropriate power saving mode based on your Phone's battery level to extend battery life.
View power consumption details and rankings: a. Touch Battery usage to view power consumption details. In the Battery usage details section, the blue marks beneath Charging indicate when your device was charging. Gaps between the marks indicate when your device was not charging. This feature does not consume power. b. Touch Battery usage to view power consumption rankings of software and hardware.
Adjust screen resolution to save power: Enable Screen resolution and select Smart resolution. Your device will automatically lower the screen resolution to save power. You can also manually set the screen resolution to save power when high resolution is unnecessary.
optimize honor 8x smartphone power consumption
Manage app launches to save power: Touch App launch to automatically or manually manage the auto-launches, secondary launches, and background activities of your apps. In addition, the system will automatically manage power usage to save power.
Remarks: If there are power-intensive apps running in the background, the system will remind you through a notification message, in which you can touch and follow the onscreen instructions to optimize your app settings based on your preference.
Display remaining battery percentage on the status bar: Enable Battery percentage to display the remaining battery percentage of your phone on the status bar.