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IN Blog Fit-Bid: Bid low to Win a HONOR Band 3 Daily
July 6, 2018

Fit-Bid: Bid low to Win a HONOR Band 3 Daily

Fitness bands help you to track essential information related to your day to day activities and health. In short, your fitness tracker watch can be an ideal companion for minor to major fitness related goals and so on. HONOR has announced Bid and Win Contestwhich will take place in between 9th July to 15th July, 2018.

What is Fit-Bid event all about?
fit-bid: bid low to win a honor band 3 daily

HONOR Bid and Win Contest will allow registered participants to place bids as many times as they want. This contest commences on 9th of July and will end on 15th July, 2018. Place your bids and get a chance to win HONOR Band 3 fitness band daily.

How to play Fit-Bid?
HONOR's Bid and Win Contest will let a registered user place bid in between 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. and the bidder who will place the lowest-unique bid will win. The winner (who has placed the unique bid with the lowest amount) will bag a brand new HONOR Band 3 daily. Total 7 fitness bands will be given away to the winners. The lucky winner will be notified through his or her registered e-mail id.

How will we select the winner for Fit-Bid?
Placing the lowest unique bid will be simplified after knowing few factors. For an example, two participants placed 12.35 as their bid, three participants bid 14.50 and one more participant has come up with 13. 93 as his or her bid. Here the lowest bid is 12.35 but this is not the winning bid because this bid was placed by two participants, hence it is not unique. The next lowest bid is 13.93 and it is unique. This participant will be the lucky winner of HONOR Bid and Win Contest. The 14.50 will be forfeited as the winning bid quoted a lower amount.

fit-bid: bid low to win a honor band 3 daily
The lowest unique bidding amount will vary between 0.01 to 99.99. A bidder can edit and send their bids by clicking on the "Bid Now" button but the last bid will get considered as the final bidding amount.

Who are all eligible to play Fit-Bid: HONOR Bid and Win Contest?
Only an adult citizen of India who is having a valid account on will be able to take part in this HONOR Bid and Winevent through the registration process. Once they will enter into the homepage, after that they will be able to understand everything about this Fit-Bid contest. The amount of the winning bid will be announced at any time in between 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. Winners of HONOR Band 3 will be notified through their valid registered e-mail id (s) within 2 working days.

fit-bid: bid low to win a honor band 3 daily