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IN Blog Can’t expand memory on your budget dual-SIM phone? Switch to HONOR 7S!
September 4, 2018

Can’t expand memory on your budget dual-SIM phone? Switch to HONOR 7S!

Are you one of them who keeps receiving tons of messages from your friends and colleagues and want to save them in your smartphone but your memory is always full? Ugh, we can understand how irritating it is when you have to face this every time some important file is sent to you! Finally, you have to delete most of the items from your gallery to free up space. In the worst case scenario, we uninstall apps from our smartphone. Sometimes, you end up deleting important files too.

You must have uttered, "yeh smartphone hain ya dabba"!

Know the difference between a Hybrid SIM slot and a dedicated microSD SIM slot?
Well, these are just technical term and we are going to simplify them for you and show you how amazing the latter one is!

A smartphone which will be able to store EVERYTHING!
Did you ever come across a situation where you thought of expanding your smartphone's memory by buying a microSD card? You are all happy that the just-bought 64GB memory card will solve your memory woes. You open the SIM card tray of your phone to insert the memory card but there's no slot left! You have been doomed by a Hybrid SIM slot. In this kind of slot, you can only use 2 SIM cards or 1 SIM – 1 memory card. So, either you need to give up one SIM or your memory? Or maybe not?

Every problem comes with a solution
Enter dedicated microSD/memory card slot smartphones. In these kind of smartphones, you can insert two SIM cards and one memory card at the same time. Only this thing will help you to get rid of "jugaads" like frequent card removals, deletion of mobile apps, backing up every photo/video you took to a hard drive, etc. For those who are still confused, the green cards in the picture below are SIM cards and the blue one is a microSD card.

can't expand memory on your budget dual-sim phone? switch to honor 7s!

Research thoroughly before buying a smartphone
What do you consider before purchasing a smartphone? A large chunk of the population goes either by the word of mouth or gets hypnotized by the power of advertising. Ask yourself, how many times you have done a thorough research prior to purchasing a new smartphone? Finding out the best smartphone with a dedicated microSD slot is not a child's play. However, we have something in store for you that will be the best dual sim phone with separate microSD card slot!

Good things come to those who wait
You uttered and we heard. Folks, HONOR is all set to launch the all-new HONOR 7S at an unbelievable price point for a smartphone with a dedicated microSD SIM slot, a feature that is underrated but very useful in this age where astronomical amount of information is created and shared.

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