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November 26, 2018

Best multiplayer phone games

If you have not yet got into multiplayer phone games, where have you been? You need the details, so look no further. Here they are!

Multiplayer gaming is massive right now, and with good reason. It is infectious, it is fun and it is social. Connecting with many other people across the world and battling it out for supremacy takes your gaming to the next level, so read this article to find out which are the best multiplayer phone games for your HONOR phone.


This game, officially titled Player Unknown's Battle Grounds, but better known by the simpler acronym PUBG, has been around for a while and is hugely popular. It is a battle royale game that requires skill and attention to detail. You drop in on a map and battle against other players to secure ammo and weapons as well as other things. The object of the game is to be the last man standing. You can enjoy one of the best designed games of this type available and, with a powerful phone like the HONOR Play, you can turn up the customisable graphics settings, sure in the knowledge that the phone can keep up.

pubg multiple player phone game


Now, this entry is a bit controversial. Not because Fortnite is not a great game: it is, of course, fantastic. (Why would it be gracing this list if not?!) The reason is because it is still in beta for Android. A little while ago, makers Epic Games decided they were fed up of paying Google a royalty fee for every download, so they decided to go it alone. Players can download the game directly from the website, but here is the catch: at the time of writing, you have to ask for an invite from Epic. There is no way of telling if you will get one, but anecdotal evidence suggests they are in plentiful supply right now.

fortnite multiple player phone game

When you get in, however, you will find it has all been worth it. Another in the battle royale genre, this is the game the whole world is talking about at the moment, so you absolutely should jump right on the bandwagon and get involved. Good luck with the invite!

Critical Ops

If you prefer your multiplayer phone games a bit more 'shooty', then Critical Ops is worth a look. It works well no matter whether you are down for a full session or just a quick burst of gameplay, with multiple modes to choose from. It is regarded as one of the best first person shooters available for mobile. Plus, has anyone ever told you that you really suit that full body tactical gear?!

critical ops multiple player phone game

Asphalt 9: Legends

Last but not least, the ubiquitous driving game. This one is a whole load of fun. Want to cause a scene and take out your fellow racers? Well then, hit that drift button and wipe them out. Asphalt 9 is not meant to be taken seriously, because who wants to spend time in a glorified racing simulator? Leave that to the Lewis Hamiltons of this world. Get yourself into one of Asphalt 9's crazy-fast cars and do a few burnouts instead!

asphalt multiple player phone game