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IN Blog Best Dual SIM Phone: Run two numbers at once
September 20, 2018

Best Dual SIM Phone: Run two numbers at once

We all might feel one single SIM phone can't meet our needs, and want to have a best dual SIM Android phone. But how? Fret not, today we'll explain it.

best dual sim phone

What is a dual SIM phone?

A dual-SIM phone means you can have two numbers while you hold on one device. Meanwhile, on either number, you can make or receive calls and send or receive texts. In other words, you can use two mobile providers simultaneously if your phone is not locked into a specific network.

Why you want a dual SIM phone?

Two SIM cards can provide for a more cost efficient solution, since you can run two numbers at once!

You can carry one device while keeping your personal and work lives separate.
You can select the right mobile operators to enjoy both good voice plans and data plans.
You can pay less money to keep in touch with your family or close friends in another country.

Which is the best dual SIM mobile?

Judging the best dual SIM mobile, you need to consider the following two points.

1. Three common types of Dual SIM implementations are: Dual SIM Single Standby, Dual SIM Dual Active, Dual SIM Dual Standby. As a hybrid between the first two, Dual SIM Dual Standby is the best solution to save battery and cost for mobile manufacturers.

2. Dual SIM Dual Standby usually uses the microSD slot for the second SIM. So for more built-in storage space, the best dual SIM mobile should separate Dual SIM + Micro SD card slots.

Which is the best HONOR Dual SIM Card Phone?

Huawei's HONOR brand is all about bringing the latest features to daring new price points, In India, there are 5 new and/or hot models equipped with dual SIM card feature. Below is a simple comparison table:

Dual SIM Dual SIM Dual Standby
SIM SIZE Nano-SIM card
4G VOLTE, 3G, 2G
SIM SLOT SIM card 1 (SIM only); SIM card 1 (SIM only); SIM card 1 and 2 (SIM only); SIM card 1 (SIM only); SIM card 1 (SIM only);
SIM card 2 (SIM or microSD card) SIM card 2 (SIM or microSD card) SIM card 3 (microSD card) SIM card 2 (SIM or microSD card) SIM card 2 (SIM or microSD card)
Launch Jun, 2018 Jan, 2018 Sep, 2018 Jul, 2018 Jan, 2018
Start Price ₹19999 ₹29999 ₹8999 ₹11999 ₹10999
Features ✓  Kirin 970 ✓  Kirin 970 ✓  MTK6739 ✓  Kirin 659 ✓  Kirin 659
✓  4GB + 64GB ✓  6GB + 128GB ✓  2GB + 16GB ✓  3/4GB+32/64GB ✓  3/4GB+32/64GB
✓  Android 8.1 ✓  Android 8.0 ✓  Android 8.1 ✓  Android 8.0 ✓  Android 8.0
✓  Dual (16MP + 2MP Main, 16MP Front) Camera ✓  Dual (16MP + 20MP Main, 13MP Front) Camera ✓  Camera (13MP Main, 5MP Front) ✓  Dual (13MP + 2MP Main, 16MP Front) Camera ✓  13MP+2MP Front camera
13MP+2MP Rear
✓  6.3 inches ✓  5.99 inches ✓  5.45 inches ✓  5.84 Inch
✓  3750 mAh ✓  3750 mAh ✓  3020 mAh ✓  3000 mAh ✓  3000 mAh
✓  176g ✓  172g ✓  142 g ✓  152 g ✓  149g

What you should do once you have a dual SIM card phone?

Step1: Choose and buy one or two cards just for you.

Sim card 1 Sim card 2
Work a work SIM a personal SIM
Travel a local SIM another local SIM
Deal cheap data rates a better deal for texts and calls

Step2: Insert the available cards into the card slots.

Step3: Go to SETTINGS> Wireless & Networks >Dual SIM Settings.

Step4: You will see a To Do List of your preferred SIM card.

  • • Change the name of your SIM cards
  • • Enable or disable the two SIM cards
  • • Configure the default card for mobile data and phone calls
  • • Enable or disable the SIM cards for 4G data service

dual sim card phone