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IN Blog Beauty All Around: 7 times you can find beauty in everyday things. Every day!
July 19, 2018

Beauty All Around: 7 times you can find beauty in everyday things. Every day!

Every day you go to work and come back. Have you ever paid attention what's going on around you and how can it bring a change in your life. Hang on, go through these 7 incidents which take place daily and give you reason to say "love you zindaagi".

1. Playtime of puppy can make you happy
How many times have you ignored these simple incidents which can bring a smile on your face? This time just don't forget to capture this precious moment instantly. With the help of your HONOR 10's AI camera make all pictures unique and social media worthy. See how Linus Tech Tips clicked some great pictures!

2. Zara Sa Jhoom Lu Mein
How many times have you spotted out dancing kids on the roads and felt like copying their act? Flash mobs are something which attract almost everyone. This time why don't you groove into bits by putting on the powerful speaker of your HONOR 7A smartphone! Your sound system for the flash mob you have been planning is sorted with the help of the loud audio of this device.

3. Achieving fitness goals have never been so fun
Good things come to those who sweat. Don't you feel that your fitness activities should be monitored by someone? Well, we can send you a personal trainer in the form of Huawei Watch. Before gearing yourself for a round of jogging or brisk walking, take a look at what experts are telling about this wonder watch.

4. Bestie's video call after an era
You got a video call from your Delhi waala dost after 3 years and ended up chatting for more than 2 hours! Your smartphone shouldn't face any battery drainage issue ever. We have HONOR 8 Pro especially crafted for social media addicts like you. Now chat uninterruptedly without paying attention to your mobile phone's battery.

5. Relive your old melodious memory
Feeling like "Gaata Rahe Mera Dil"? This time why don't you try to listen to your voice while recording? This hatke thing is possible for HONOR 7C users. Yes, they can listen to their voice while recording.

Beauty All Around: 7 times you can find beauty in everyday things. Every day!

6. Cab guy let you go without the "change related drama"
Can't really put up with this unbelievable scene when your cab or auto guy didn't create any change related ruckus. Well, it can happen only with HONOR 7A and HONOR 7C smartphone users as they can easily access their Paytm wallet with single touch. Let's try this to bring "Acche Din" in your life.

7. Got a compliment suddenly from your colleagues
Suppose, just a small change in your appearance and you kept receiving tons of complements. This incident can easily make your day. Compliment worthy attire needs to be captured always. We have the perfect solution for selfie seekers. Just turn on the front camera of HONOR 9 Lite and see the magic.

Have become confused that how to select the best one for your concern? Don't worry we have created smartphone for everyone. No matter whether you are an avid gamer or a selfie seeker- just explore HONOR range of smartphones to pick out the best for your concern. To know more, visit HONOR India today.