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IN Blog 4G Smartphone with Best Battery Life
November 26, 2018

4G Smartphone with Best Battery Life

4G smartphone with best battery

Sick of running out of battery? You are not alone! But there are two reasons that HONOR can help you to get the 4G smartphone with best battery life. Here is why!

Smartphones are pretty demanding on their batteries. There is a lot going on in that little package and all of it needs to be powered. There is a lot that can be done on the software side, but the laws of physics ultimately dictate that you need good battery chemistry and high capacity if you want your 4G smartphone to have the best battery life. Luckily, the HONOR 8X fits the bill on both of these fronts.

Different battery technologies have come and gone through the years. Lead Acid is the oldest technology and is great for high drain applications like automobile starter motors, but rubbish for anything portable due to their incredible weight. Ni-Cd, or Nickel Cadmium, were the dominant chemistry in electronics for many years, but have been superseded due to various disadvantages. They were overtaken by NiMH – Nickel Metal Hydride – cells, which provide more energy in a smaller space. Unfortunately, they can discharge and become useless when not used. That meant that slim Li-Ion batteries, known more popularly by their longer name, Lithium Ion, took over quickly when the technology became commercially available.

Another decade, and another advance: the HONOR 8X takes advantage of the latest Li-Po (Lithium Polymer) battery technology. These cells are lighter than Li-ion ones, which means that more battery can be packed in without affecting the weight of the device. Amazingly, the HONOR 8X features a whopping 3750mAh battery, and it still only weighs 175g.

HONOR 8X 4G smartphone with best battery

So, that is the first reason that the HONOR 8X is the king of power, but remember earlier? That bit about two reasons? Well, the other one is the operating system. If that is designed to be battery friendly, then it can really help the crusade against low power. Thankfully, HONOR's EMUI is cleverly designed to get the most out of the available battery power, meaning you get the best out of the device.

All this power means that the 8X has the ability to keep going all day. Longer, in fact. It has been tested, and those tests showed that, in normal usage, the battery kept on going for more than two whole days! Even for heavy users, that only drops down to 14-15 hours. And it boasts a standby time of 662 hours, too.

Big talker? No problem. The HONOR 8X's advanced battery can sustain a 21 hours conversation. Of course, if you are having a lot of those, you might be interested to know that the 8X also boasts A.I. noise cancelling for phone calls.

So, there we have it. If you want a 4G smartphone with the best battery life, then the obvious choice is the HONOR 8X. It will keep going and going, and won't leave you stranded.