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November 19, 2018

3 HONOR Smartphones with AI-powered Cameras

AI camera powered by smarter NPU

Excited to find out about the latest developments in photography with HONOR AI-powered cameras? You should be! Read on to find out how this amazing tech will change the way you capture moments!

Of course, the first question you could ask might very well be 'what is AI?' It's a reasonable thing to query, but if you haven't heard of it yet, then you need to – it's about to revolutionise the world. AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. Long a favourite subject of science fiction, implementations of AI are becoming reality. It takes us a step further by allowing computers to learn about how and why we do things, adapting to our every need.

Now, what is AI doing in a camera on the latest HONOR smartphones? Simple, it allows us to take better photos more easily than ever before.

Let's take an example.

Imagine that awesome hotel you're staying at. Spa, pool, the dreamy breakfast. You're living the premium life alright, but you need to Instagram it out to all your followers, and you want to get over to them just how amazing this place is.

AI camera real-time recognition

Okay, so, with a traditional smartphone camera, you just take photos. They look good, but not blow-your-mind good. AI in HONOR smartphones takes that up a notch. Super-advanced algorithms instantly recognise what it actually is that you are trying to take a picture of and optimise how it captures the image to make it look even better than the real thing. A picture of croissants in bed? Your HONOR smartphone recognises that and optimises for food shots. It can see and adapt to over 500 different scenarios, which is pretty amazing.

So, which HONOR smartphones can work this amazing feat of magic? Here's three of HONOR's amazing range that can do exactly that.

First up, the HONOR 10. It boasts a muscular twin-lens arrangement on the back, with a 16 megapixel main camera twinned with a 24MP monochrome lens. The latter of those allows you to do those eye-popping blurred background shots, which are crazy cool. On the front, selfie duty is taken up by a 24MP lens. Strike a pose!

Next, the HONOR View 10. Much the same as its similarly-named brother, but with a few important tweaks. For example, the View 10 has expandable memory through a MicroSD slot. The screen is slightly bigger and has a slightly different ratio. Meanwhile, the main camera comes in at 16MP + 20MP – so still with those lovely blurry backgrounds — and up front, a resolution of 13MP will sort out all your selfie needs.

Meanwhile, for those of us who love to game, the HONOR Play is the model of choice. As well as featuring loads of added goodies specifically aimed at gamers, the camera is spot on as well. 16MP + 2MP on the main camera will allow you to access all those great AI-driven photography options, and gaming selfies are an absolute necessity to get the most out of the 16MP camera up front.

Whichever option you choose, you benefit from HONOR's other great features, such as even more advanced AI processing, faster charging and the EMUI user interface. You can't go wrong!