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Honor headset

  • Charge on the go

    The Whistle features a hidden charging connector. Attach to any Android phone that
    supports OTG for on-the-go charging.

    (Note: Most Android phones support OTG, including the Mate 7, P8, Honor 7 and Samsung Galaxy S6.
    The Whistle comes with a free adapter for traditional wall charging.)

  • Lightning fast charging in just 30 mins

    • The Whistle features an energy-efficient battery and circuitry for unprecedented charging speeds
    (ordinary Bluetooth headsets need more than one hour for a full charge).

    • Just 5 min of charging gives you 45 min of talk time.

    • A 20 min charge gives you one week of standby time.

  • Amazing range and stability

    Ingenious antenna design for better calls and a maximum range of 70 m.

    Antenna range comparison

  • Crystal clear audio for better calls

  • •  Ultra-sensitive MEMS microphone for precision voice recognition. Signal-to-noise ratio is over 5 dB higher than competitors; wide 16 kHz frequency response, compared to just 8 kHz for similar products.

    • Wideband audio technology relaxes traditional audio frequency constraints, offering a range of 50 Hz to 7 kHz instead of just 300 Hz to 3.4 kHz. This boosts audio clarity for easy listening in noisy environments. Enjoy HD voice quality.

  • HD audio: Appreciate music to the fullest

    • The Whistle boasts a Bluetooth 4.1 chipset which supports
    A2DP stereo audio streaming.
    • Enjoy music with wideband, high fidelity playback.

  • •  Metal housing and minimal design.
    •  Elegant curved form that contours around your face.
    •  Unique, intuitive dial design - adapted from automotive encoder buttons for easy volume control.
    •  Soothing, pulsating indicator light.
    •  Purpose-built leather cord necklace, combining style and convenience (must be purchased separately).

  • Selfie and groupie camera remote

    Armed with a selfie stick, you can use the Whistle as a remote to take photos.

    (Note: Currently the camera remote feature is only supported on Huawei phones which run EMUI version 2.3 and above.)


    Leather Neck Strap

  • Fine Craftsmanship

    Honor, a brand you can trust

    • A quality product that has been rigorously tested under all conditions.
    • Jointly tested at labs in Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai and Xi'an.
    • Bluetooth pairing compatibility tested on popular handsets, including Huawei mobile phones.

    Hardware reliability tests

    Drop test 150 times
    USB connector durability 5000 insertion cycles
    Opening and closing USB cover 5000 insertion cycles
    Button durability 30000 times
    Operation at extreme temperatures 96 hours at –0℃ or +70℃
    Storage at extreme temperatures 96 hours at –40℃ or +70℃
    Temperature and humidity cycling 72 hours of operation (temperature 25℃ to 55℃, relative humidity 95%)
    Receiver aging test 12 days at room temperature
    Microphone aging test 5 days at room temperature
    Electrostatic discharge ±6 kV contact discharge, ±10 kV air discharge
    Dial rotation durability test 25000 rotations
    Heat shock test 48 hours, with a variation of –40℃ to +70℃