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Honor is releasing a monthly security maintenance update for its major flagship models.

This security update incorporates the CVEs from the June 2023 Android Security Bulletin:

Critical: CVE-2023-21130; CVE-2023-21127; CVE-2023-21108

High: CVE-2023-21666; CVE-2023-21665; CVE-2023-21144; CVE-2023-21143; CVE-2023-21142; CVE-2023-21139; CVE-2023-21138; CVE-2023-21137; CVE-2023-21136; CVE-2023-21135; CVE-2023-21131; CVE-2023-21129; CVE-2023-21128; CVE-2023-21126; CVE-2023-21124; CVE-2023-21123; CVE-2023-21115; CVE-2023-21105; CVE-2023-21103; CVE-2023-21102

Moderate: CVE-2023-0266; CVE-2022-33301; CVE-2022-33281

Low: None

* For more information about the patches, please refer to the Android Security Bulletin (