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Honor is releasing a monthly security maintenance update for its major flagship models.

This security update incorporates the CVEs from the November 2021 Android Security Bulletin:

Critical: CVE-2020-11264; CVE-2021-0870; CVE-2021-0930

High: CVE-2020-13871; CVE-2020-24587; CVE-2020-24588; CVE-2020-26139; CVE-2020-26141; CVE-2020-26145; CVE-2020-26146; CVE-2020-29660; CVE-2021-0434; CVE-2021-0649; CVE-2021-0650; CVE-2021-0653; CVE-2021-0921; CVE-2021-0926; CVE-2021-0928; CVE-2021-0931; CVE-2021-0933; CVE-2021-1977; CVE-2021-1980; CVE-2021-29647; CVE-2021-30305; CVE-2021-30306; CVE-2021-30312

Moderate: CVE-2019-25045; CVE-2021-0919; CVE-2021-0922; CVE-2021-0935; CVE-2021-0936; CVE-2021-0937; CVE-2021-0938; CVE-2021-0941; CVE-2021-1966; CVE-2021-1967; CVE-2021-1968; CVE-2021-1969; CVE-2021-31916

Low: None

* For more information about the patches, please refer to the Android Security Bulletin (