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Magic FullView Display*1
Kirin980 7nm AI processor
Ultra Wide-Angle AI Triple-Camera*2
40W Max SuperCharge
Magic FullView Display*1
Broaden Your Horizons
Each slide of the screen opens the door to a spectacular visual experience. The 6.39-inch*3 FullView display and the hidden-from-view front camera deliver a near 100% screen-to-body ratio, enabling users to essentially hold a bezel-less gadget. This is the epitome of beauty and technological innovation – this is Magic.

Magic FullView Display

FullView Display



The Next-Generation Kirin 980 7nm AI Processor - the Next Hub of Power
The AI-dedicated Kirin 980 is the first 7nm process SoC chipset of the Kirin-series. Featuring a dual-core NPU, the Kirin 980 boasts a 125%*4 improvement in graphic recognition speed while delivering even greater intelligence and AI-processing power. Combining multiple technological innovations, the high-performance Kirin 980 provides users with an impressive, smoother and smarter user experience.
YOYO - Explore the Frontier of AI
The AI-powered smart assistant YOYO learns about the world and makes advancements the way we do.
She will be your very own interactive encyclopedia and pocket butler, attending to your every need.
Each slide of the screen reveals ground-breaking technological advancements and connects users to an intelligent interface.

Smart Assistant


Super Intelligent Interface

Butterfly Multi-Track
Sliding Mechanism
The butterfly multi-track sliding mechanism incorporates 5 sliding tracks to deliver increased stability and durability.
This mechanism is accompanied by a subtle clicking sound to improve the overall user experience.
Nano-Scale Optical Coating Technology - A Spectacular Look
Our engineers have employed nano-scale optical coating technology to create the smooth gradient found on the curved back panel of Magic2. The subtle transitions between pairs of colours is truly a marvel of engineering, setting new standards for design and aesthetics.


Nano-Scale Optical Coating Technology


Smooth Gradient Design

24MP AI Triple-Camera - Take Photos Like Never Before
In addition to identifying more than 60 object categories and hundreds of scenarios in real-time, the ground-breaking AI triple-camera uses semantic image segmentation to automatically adjust camera parameters according to the scene. This process delivers studio-level portraits and outstanding landscapes within seconds. The camera is also equipped with AIS (Artificial Image Stabilization) technology, enabling users to take handheld night shots of the highest quality.
17mm Ultra-Wide Angle - Wider Angle, Bigger World
With the 17mm ultra-wide-angle lens users can now see the world from a broader perspective and produce breath-taking photos.
Retractable Front 16MP AI-Triple Camera – Applying 3D-Portrait Mode on Selfies
Take your selfies to the next level with the bokeh and professional portrait lighting functions. In addition, the retractable AI-triple camera at the front supports high-level 3D facial recognition, allowing you to create 3D Qmoji.


Front 16MP AI-Triple Camera

Lighting Effect

3D Intelligent Deep Lens

Optical In-Display Fingerprint Recognition - Unlock in One Touch
The optical in-display fingerprint sensor will not be shown until users touch the screen, at which point the sensor will be activated, enabling users to unlock the phone with one simple touch.

In-Display Fingerprint

32.48mm2 Super-Large Optical Sensing Area

24/7 Face Unlock - 24/7 Data Security
The 3D bionic sensor is capable of identifying nearly 10,000 facial features and can exercise precise face detection and recognition when unlocking the device, even in low-light environments.
The 3D intelligent deep lens also employs live facial recognition technology.

3D Bionic Sensor

3D Depth Sensing Bionic Lens


IR Face Unlock

40W (Max) SuperCharge - Maximum Charging Power
The lightning-fast 40W Magic Charge (10V/4A Max) technology charges the phone up to 50% battery in 15 minutes, and 85% in 30 minutes. The powerful 40W charging support adopts the latest high-voltage-and-low-current design and has achieved functional safety management certification accredited by TÜV Rheinland, along with a three-tier identity authentication protocol and fifteen layers of protection, enabling a faster and safer charge.

Security Verification

TÜV-Rheinland Accredited Technology

SuperCharge Technology

40W(Max)Magic Charge

Ultra-Fast AI Intelligent Communication
In moments of weak mobile coverage, such as when ontravelling on trains, elevators or inside subways, the AI-empowered phone will activate programmed modes accordingly to study and respond to surrounding network data. The phones dual SIM dual VoLTE (DSDV) feature enables users to seamlessly access the internet while talking on the phone or playing mobile games. It is also equipped with a WiFi accessing power to the world’s first ultra-broadband WiFi which supports a theoretical peak download speed of 1.7 Gbps.

WiFi Download Speed



Dual SIM Dual VoLTE


Subway Mode


High-Speed- Railway Mode

*1 The full-screen display refers to the phone’s narrow-bezel design which generates an extremely high screen-to-body ratio. The 6.39-inch measur ement indicates the diagonal length of the phones screen is 6.39-inch long.

*2 The triple camera setup features a 24MP monochrome sensor, a 16MP RGB sensor, and a 16MP ultra wide-angle lens.

*3 The 6.39-inch measurement indicates the diagonal length of the phones screen is 6.39-inch long.

*4 Compared with the Kirin 970 based on HONOR laboratory tests.


Product pictures and display contents on the above pages are provided for reference only.Actual product and specifications ( including but not limited to appearance, clor, and size ), as well as actual display contents ( including but not limited to backgrounds, UI, and icons ) may vary.