The 2018 HONOR Fans Story (hereinafter referred to as the "Activity") is organized by Huawei Device Co., Ltd (the “Promoter”). Activity participants (the "Participants") take part in the Activity by starting the game. All Participants shall be deemed as having agreed to the following terms and conditions.

Activity Date

00:00, 23rd November, 2018 to 24:00, 21st December, 2018 (GMT+8)


You can win the grand prize by uploading a photo/video of your story with HONOR smartphone in year 2018, and make a nice description.
Each photo/video that has entered into the Contest must meet all such requirements that will be referred to as a “Submission”.

How to join

(1) Be a registered member of HIHONOR, Facebook, or HONOR Club;
HIHONOR Account:
Facebook Account:
HONOR Club Account:
(2) Photos submitted must be JPG and PNG files up to 10MB are acceptable.
(3) Videos submitted cannot exceed 50MB;
(4) Photos/videos will be reviewed by the Promoter. If photos/videos have sensitive or illegal content, they will be considered are ineligible submissions, and it will not be published on the website.

The Prizes

(1) HONOR Prize: Based on the photo/video and storytelling, one winner will be chosen by the Promoter. The winner will be awarded with an HONOR 8X (4GB RAM + 64GB ROM, random color). The winner will be announced on 21st December, 2018.
(2) Lucky Prize: Every weekend, one winner will be chosen by the promoter. The winner will be awarded with a gift package (with T-shirt, headset, etc.). The weekly winners will be announced on 30th November, 7th December, and 14th December, 2018.
(3) Winners will be announced on the page (

Prize Distribution

Prizes cannot be transferred to another person or redeemed for cash or other objects. Each winner must provide valid contact information (including the email address, full name, complete delivery address, phone number, and post code) to within seven days after the winner lists are released. Awards will be shipped within thirty working days. HONOR will assume all tariffs and express fees. If an award is not distributed to a winner due to the winner's fault, the winner shall be deemed as having waived the right to claim the award, such as the wrong shipping address, wrong phone number, etc. In the event of an accident, if the designated prize cannot be provided, HONOR has the right to substitute a prize of similar value, but all prizes cannot be exchanged for cash or for sale.

Privacy and Personal Information

The Promoter collects personal data including nicknames, emails, UID. We need winners to provide full name, phone number, delivery address and post code, in order to ship the prize. The information collected for the Activity shall not be sold, shared, or disclosed to any third party, other than to third parties engaged by the Promoter to fulfill the above purposes. Such data shall be used exclusively for award distribution. The information provided will not be used for any purpose other than the stated purpose.

Terms & Conditions

By submitting a photo for the contest, the participant hereby agrees to the following:

i. Contest participant acknowledges that the submitted photographs are original works taken by the participant, who is entitled to the world-wide intellectual property of the work and the right to use. The photographs do not infringe on the copyrights, trademarks, and moral rights, intellectual property rights of any person or entity.

ii. Contest participant must not submit any files that damages any interests or image of any country, involve any national secrecy, personal privacy, nudity, gambling, superstition, horror, violence; must not submit any files that involve ethnicity, race, religion, sexism; must not submit any files that is false or misleading.

iii. Contest participant will grant HONOR the world-wide intellectual properties of the photos and allow HONOR to use, modify, distribute its copy, display or authorize other parties to use the photos and produce marketing materials which shall include but not be limited to HONOR’s communication materials, social media photos, digital advertisements, media, forums or its website for commercial or non-commercial purposes. Regardless of the method of publication, showcased photographs will be attributed to the author. The authorship information will be displayed alongside the photograph. All relevant information submitted by the participant should be accurate.

iv. Contest participant shall not authorize and warrants have not authorized any third party to use the participant’s submitted photo or have assigned the intellectual properties of the photos in this contest.

v. In the event that any third party initiate any claims, proceedings or legal action against HONOR based on photos submitted to the contest, the participant will be liable to HONOR for any damages, lost profits, loss of business revenue or economic loss of any kind and responsible for rehabilitation of reputation and elimination of effect.