Honor8 & Doctor Strange-Go Beyond Impossible


Discover the magic that surrounds you with the amazing powers of the Honor 8. Utilize the incredible light painting mode and harness the power to blur the lines between the real-world and your wildest imagination.


Unlock magical worlds with a single touch of Honor 8’s fingerprint key. Custom superpowered technology enables you to explore unlimited possibilities in the palm of your hand.


Open your eyes to the visually stunning rear glass of the Honor 8. Marvel in the magical light and spellbinding reflective surface with every sparkling turn of the phone.

Global Smartphone Brand Honor Teams with Marvel Studios'Doctor Strange to Bring "Bravery" to the Screens

  • “We really want to bring our brand to life in ways that appeal to millennials. We are excited to partner with a global brand such as Marvel, which will inspire viewers the world over, in much the same way that Honor aims to empower and inspire its customers,” said Steven Wang, Chief Marketing Officer of Honor.
  • “Marvel is excited about the partnership with Honor,” said Mindy Hamilton, Marvel’s Senior VP of Global Partnerships. “Millennials are obviously a key demographic group for us, and partnering with Honor allows us to stay at the forefront of technology and to experiment with avenues through which we can reach out to them."