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Global Blog The Best Android Phone: MagicSlide Full-screen + Kirin 980
December 10, 2018

The Best Android Phone: MagicSlide Full-screen + Kirin 980

On the sparkling night of October 31, HONOR officially released HONOR Magic2, its new model of full-Screen mobile, in the National Tennis Center, widely known as Diamond Court. The flagship new mobile was initially unveiled at the IFA Grand Exhibition at the end of August, where it created a huge sensation overseas with its exclusive MagicSlide full-screen design. What indeed do the unique flagship new mobile feature in Black Tech? Please follow us to discover more.

HONOR Magic2's Kirin 980

MagicSlide full-screen with appealing charm, slide screen and screen fingerprints all-inclusive in one:

HONOR Magic2, in the first sight, gives us a dazzling impression with its 6.39-inches FHD immersive full-screen, almost 100% screen size ratio and remarkable chin size in good control HONOR Magic2 features optical screen fingerprint together with 32.48mm² big light-sensitive components. But more importantly, the best-selling part of HONOR Magic2 is undoubtedly its MagicSlide screen design. The mobile takes a special structure of butterfly 5-rail one-way slide screen to allow for the reveal of front camera simply through an upward slide.

As a whole, HONOR Magic2 meets the expectation of the public in its attractive appearance, which has never been embodied by the previous editions of HONOR Mobiles.

Multiple Front+back AI Six-camera functions, ultra-wide field and 3D structured light all included

HONOR Magic2 features front invisible AI Three-Photography and back ultra-wide field, so-called front and back AI Six-camera. The front triple-camera provides the options of 16 megapixels + 2 megapixels + 2 megapixels, supports the self-developed 3D bionic photosensitive technology, namely, 3D structured light, and offers the functions of Around-The-Clock 3D Face Unlock, 3D Face Payment, 3D Qmoji, etc. Moreover, it enables top speed selfie through slide screen, perfectly presenting studio-like 3D figure lighting effects.

To be noted, only 3D photosensitive version supports 3D structured light Face Recognition, other versions only with algorithm Face Unlock.

Back ultra-wide field AI three-camera provides the options of 24 megapixels of black and white + 16 megapixels of color + 16 megapixels of super wide-angle lens, and supports 60+class tags and 1500+ scenes of AI multi-scene recognition as well as AIS handheld super night scenes. Among which, the option of 16 megapixels of super wide-angle lens supports 17nmm focal length to allow for more contents covered in the frame.

Magic UI 2.0 AI presented with upgraded built-in smart assistant called YOYO.

Since the received HONOR Magic2 is earlier model and preset with EMUI9.0, it could be further updated to Magic UI 2.0.

With the assistance of YOYO, HONOR Magic2 could support voiceprint recognition, private shopping guide and other diverse functions. For instance, the built-in touring translator provides the translation services across ten languages, simply with the camera to show the translation required. Additionally, YOYO is able to give professional face beauty tips and conducts the tests on poles, blackheads, faint wrinkles and judges the final scores. According to official sayings, its test accuracy equals to that by skin test devices of 160,000CNY in value, with the relevancy up to 91.6%.
YOYO also supports the operations like custom specialty and private custom service as well as smart input methods, autonomous response, active tips and smart associations, etc.

HONOR first model of Kirin 980 flagship is matched with powerful 40W fast charging + graphene thermal dissipation

HONOR Magic2 loads the updated Kirin 980, and specific to gaming user, it also supports GPU Turbo 2.0 and grapheme thermal dissipation technology.

HONOR Magic2 is now integrated with the new functions of 10V/4A safe super quick charging, 50% charging within 15 minutes, 85% charging within 30 minutes, ensures 15-layer security protection, 3-layer safety verification and Rhine safety certification 2.0
Noticeably, HONOR Magic2 also has the capacities of 1.7Gbps Wi-Fi downloading speed rate and double SIM card VoLTE call data concurrent technology etc.
HONOR Magic2 is now available with 3 storage versions of 6+128GB、8+128GB 和 8+256GB.

Will you consider purchasing HONOR Magic2?