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February 21, 2019

Here's how Liquid Cooling System improve your gaming experience

Mobile phones have come a long way since being little indestructible bricks. Now they have touchscreens and countless features that have made the device a necessity. They have gone through all types of transformations increasing the screen size, slimming the body down, and increasing their computing abilities. Unfortunately, these all lead to a similar side effect – overheating. If you're a gamer, you've probably noticed it first hand. If burning your hands wasn't bad enough, it slows down the phone too, creating a lag.

Well, say goodbye to those days, because the HONOR View20 has an all new Liquid Cooling System. This tech might sound familiar to PC users, as it is commonly used in laptops.

To overcome this barrier, HONOR made adaptations to both the hardware and software to create a liquid cooling system that works effectively for phones. It is capable of reducing the average CPU temperature by more than 5ºC, and increases heat dispersion efficiency by 14%. So what makes the HONOR View20's Liquid Cooling System so special?

Here's how Liquid Cooling System improve your gaming experience

1. Innovative S-shaped Pipe

HONOR redesigned the cooling pipe into an "S" shape that runs by all of the major components that are at greater risk of overheating, including the lenses, chipset, and charging port. The pipe running right next to the battery instead of over it also means you get to keep a thin phone (8.1mm) and super battery (4000mAh).

Still skeptical? Well it's simple thermodynamics. When an area near the pipe heats up, the liquid inside the pipe will turn to steam and flow to a cooler part of the phone. There, the steam will turn back into liquid and this process disperses heat. Due to the structure of the pipe, the liquid will then be drawn back to the overheated area to repeat the process until the entire device is at the same temperature (equilibrium).

Here's how Liquid Cooling System improve your gaming experience

2. 11-layer Heat Dispersion Design

The pipe acts as a channel to move the heat, but such heat still needs to be released to cool down the phone. Because aluminum internal structure is a great conductor of heat, combine with a piece of graphite sheet, heat is able to disparate quickly and efficiently.  

The phone also uses other materials, such as heat-conduction gel, with high thermal conductivity to aid in releasing the heat. The total heat dispersion components reach 11 layers.

3. AI SoftCooling Technology

Obviously the hardware has a great effect, but the HONOR View20 takes it a step further by updating the software as well. A set of algorithms has been created that make up what is known as AI SoftCooling Technology. This technology coordinate different components of chipset, to ensure that the device is able to stay at optimal performance and temperature. The Kirin980 alone is 58% more efficient than its predecessor, and pairing it with the new cooling system brings the HONOR View20 to a new level.

Here's how Liquid Cooling System improve your gaming experience

The combination of the new "S" pipe, 11-layer heat dispersion design, and AI SoftCooling Technology effectively keeps the HONOR View20's CPU cooler by an average of 5ºC. Add in the new AI Triple-Antenna Wi-Fi technology, GPU Turbo 2.0, new Kirin 980 and 8 GB of RAM, you'll be thankful you won't have to take breaks to cool off your phone.