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October 29, 2018

3 HONOR Phones with Screen Notches

It could be argued that a smartphone’s size is simultaneously its greatest strength and its greatest weakness. Who would have thought, not even that long ago, that complex computer-based tasks and high-tech leisure activities would one day be possible on a device small enough to fit in your pocket? And yet, despite its advantages we still find ourselves frustrated by the lack of screen space.

While there is currently no perfect solution to this shared frustration, smartphone users have found that even the smallest increases in screen space can make noticeable improvements to their smartphone experience and the screen notch, also known as the notch display, has become a popular feature for this reason.

What is a screen notch?

A screen notch is a small section “cut-out” of the screen display at the top of a smartphone that allows designers to maximise available screen space while also incorporating the front-facing hardware that most users have come to expect (cameras, sensors, speakers etc.).

what is a screen notch

Given its popularity since its relatively recent appearance on the market, HONOR was clearly keen to incorporate the notch into its smartphone range, with several models now sporting the feature. You can choose from:

The HONOR 10 – Launched in May 2018, the HONOR 10 is the flagship smartphone of the HONOR range, having won the EISA Award for Best Product 2018-2019 in the Lifestyle Smartphone category. It is fitted with the top-of-the-line Kirin 970 processor allowing it to support an impressive array of AI-supported features, including what EISA describes as “the most intelligent camera system on the market”. The HONOR 10 runs the Android 8.1 (Oreo) operating system and additional features include a fingerprint scanner, an IPS screen measuring 85.1 cm2 with 2,280 x 1,080-pixel resolution (19:9 ratio) and a 3400mAh battery. It is currently priced at £399.99 for UK customers.

3 notch phones-honor 10

The HONOR Play – Having won a host of Best of IFA 2018 awards as well as various other industry awards, the HONOR Play is a gaming phone that stands out. Also equipped with the excellent Kirin 970 chipset (and AI Neuron Processing Unit) it further boasts GPU Turbo Technology for a fast and smooth gaming experience. GPU Turbo improves performance by almost 60% while reducing power consumption by 30%, making it possible to achieve close to full FPS stability while gaming. Moreover, the phone, which measures 93cm2, has a 6.3-inch full view display with full HDR and an 89% screen-to-body ratio. Other features include the 4D Gaming Experience with Smart Shock which automatically adjusts vibration feedback, a 16MP Dual AI Camera and a 3750mAh battery providing up to a day and a half of heavy usage. It is currently priced at £279.99 in the United Kingdom.

3 notch phones- honor play

The HONOR 8X – as the latest notch phone in the UK, the HONOR 8X is a more affordable alternative to the options above while retaining much of what makes these two models so attractive. Running the same Oreo OS as the HONOR 10 and HONOR Play and having the same impressive battery power as the HONOR Play, the HONOR 8X will offer affordable quality and value for money. And, like its cousins, it will of course maximise screen space with the ever-popular notch.

3 notch phones- honor 8x