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Honor 8 Pro

Slim yet packs a punch

The Honor 8 Pro exudes minimalist sophistication.

The ultra-thin 6.97mm metal body is a compact cluster of over 1,000 components, a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics.

The device was built with attention to the finest details. All features, including the advanced dual-lens, fit flush with the body, avoiding any protrusion, keeping the sleek look intact.

Whether you go for navy blue, mid-night black or platinum gold, your Honor 8 Pro gives off a stylish and energetic vibe.

Geared for Speed

The latest Octa-core Kirin 960 raises CPU processing by 18%, while the Mali-G71 GPU exceeds its predecessor in graphic rendering by 180% 1. Combined with the 6GB RAM, Honor 8 Pro is a top performer breezing through the most demanding apps and games.

Kirin 960 Processor

1 Data based on Honor lab test and compared with the last generation Kirin Chipset.

Exceptional graphic processing by the Vulkan API

The industry leading Vulkan API looks set to be the future of mobile gaming.

The Vulkan delivers significant improvements over its predecessor Open GL by relieving the CPU’s strain processing image gallery and UI effects, raising the device’s graphical and data processing capabilities.

All-round graphic performance is enhanced up to 400% 2 . This enables the most demanding games to run at high frame rates with minimum lagging.

Vulkan API

2 Data based on Honor lab test.

Stay Fast with EMUI5.1

Drawing inspiration from the white and blue colors dominating the Aegean Sea, EMUI5.1 brings a groundbreaking user interface, yet its consistent, bright and clean feel offers a seamless and uncluttered user experience. With EMUI 5.1, 90% of the phone features are 3 clicks away, at most.

The Honor 8 Pro harnesses AI technology to bring further efficiency. By constantly learning from your behavior and habits, the system ensures you are one step ahead, always.

Share Your
Precious Moments Instantly

Don’t let your photos gather dust. With the Honor 8 Pro, photos of the scenery, people and food you captured have never been easier to share. The Honor 8 Pro instantly generates stunning videos, enhanced with visual effects, and music, making sharing your videos with friends quick and easy.

Quad HD Display
Offering Immersive VR Experience

Honor 8 Pro’s Quad HD display boasts performance close to cinema standard DCI-p3, delivering visuals with the highest levels of color accuracy and detail – making sure you get the full picture, so to speak.

Our device comes equipped with a cardboard, you are only a short step away from jumping into the exciting world of VR. The Honor 8 Pro catapults you right into the action, be it a video game or a 360° video, creating truly memorable experiences.

The Honor 8 Pro comes pre-installed with the Jaunt VR app, boasting an impressive and constantly updated collection of high quality 360° VR videos.

Advanced Color Management
Eye Protection

Leave your charger at home

The 4000 mAh high density (710 Wh/L) battery works seamlessly alongside the latest SmartPower 5.0 technology to bring you an ultra-long battery life. The Honor 8 Pro will take you through 2 full days with regular use, and near 1.44 days with heavy use 3 .

The powerful battery is engineered to fit perfectly in the ultra-slim device body with guaranteed safety.

4000 mAh High Density Battery
2 Days Use from a Single Charge

3 Data based on Honor lab test. Battery life may vary based on usage patterns and network conditions.

Dual-lens camera:
Capture the most stunning moments with flare

The Honor 8 Pro’s combination of cutting-edge hardware and software culminates in its 12MP dual-lens camera, which delivers great shots after great shots. The monochrome and RGB lenses work in pair to produce professional-looking pictures.

The wide aperture mode produces blurry backgrounds that will make your photos and videos stand out, but also video shooting, which makes you a true artist in photography and videography.

Capturing breathtaking videos have never been easier with the Honor 8 Pro. Our handset also supports ultra-HD 4K video shooting, resulting in footage that is incredibly sharp. Thanks to a new revolutionary compressing technology, your videos are saved in smaller file sizes, giving you all the leeway you need to express your creativity.

Monochrome Lens
Wide Aperture Photography and Video
Ultra HD 4K Video

Exhaustive tests to ensure quality

Quality, innovation and service are the three strategic pillars of Honor. Honor is committed to superior quality and put the Honor 8 Pro through an exhaustive series of quality control and endurance tests.

*Examples of software testing

On and off test (to test system stability) Switched on and off 10,000 times
Standby test (to test system stability) Woken from standby 100,000 times

*Examples of hardware reliability testing standards

Power button test Pressed 200,000 times
Volume button test Pressed 50,000 times
USB port test Cable plugged in and out 10,000 times
Audio port test Cable plugged in and out 5,000 times
microSD slot test Inserted 3,000 times
SIM card slot test Inserted 500 times
Touchscreen test Pressed 800,000 times
Tumbling test Dropped 200 times
Pressure test 25 kg weight placed 2,000 times (simulating pressure from the body)
Twist test 2,000 times (twisted with high intensity from multiple angles)
Dust test 8 hours (settled dust, 0.05 mm in diameter)
Extreme temperature test 48 hours (–40°C for 1 hour then +70°C for 1 hour, alternating)
Humidity test 48 hours (temperature ranging between 25°C to 55°C, relative humidity 95%)

*Data based on Honor lab test.