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HONOR Power Bank HONOR Power Bank

HONOR PowerBank
10000mAh*(Max 18W)

·18W Bidirectional Fast Charging
·12 Powerful Safeguards
·Premium Lithium

*10000mAh is the typical value

Lightning-fast Bidirectional Charging of up to 18W*

Supports the HiSilicon Fast Charging Protocol (FCP), with the charge/discharge power as high as 18W, providing for fast and efficient use. Supports both 9V/2A and 5V/2A charging and discharging.

*18W fast charging is only available for devices that support fast charging.
Traditional charging is supported on all other devices.

HONOR Power Bank HONOR Power Bank
HONOR Power Bank HONOR Power Bank

12 Effective Safety Features*

1. Battery cell extreme temperature protection

Automatically monitors the battery cells, to ensure that they operate at a safe temperature. Shuts off automatically under abnormal temperatures.

2. Battery cell overcharge/overdischarge protection

Smart solution prevents over-charging and over-discharging.

3. Dual short-circuit protection

Output current detection provides for intelligent, automatic safeguards when an external short circuit occurs.

4. Input over-/under-voltage protection

Automatically collects external input voltage data, and cuts off the voltage when it is abnormal.

5. Input overcurrent protection

Intelligently monitors input current, and provides for protective safeguards against excessive currents.

6. Output overvoltage protection

Voltage control circuit maintains steady output voltage, for optimally safe use.

7. Output overcurrent protection

Dual protective mechanisms monitor the output current, to ensure safe and steady output.

8. ESD protection

Passes strict tests for contact electrostatic discharge (±6 kV) and air electrostatic discharge (±10 kV).

9. Electromagnetic field protection

Effectively protects the product from external interference.

10. Drop, vibration, shock, and collision tests

Passes intensive drop, vibration, shock, and collision tests, assuring optimal survivability.

11. Extreme temperature and damp heat cycling tests

Passes strict environmental tests, proving its capability of operating normally in harsh conditions.

12. Salt fog test

Salt fog environment tests the product's corrosion-resistance features.

*Data obtained from controlled HONOR Lab tests. Actual performance may vary.

HONOR Power Bank HONOR Power Bank

Meticulously Assembled Intelligence

High-quality lithium polymer cells intelligently identify mobile phones, tablets, and other devices, and provide for a long and reliable battery life.

HONOR Power Bank HONOR Power Bank

A Perfect Travel Companion: All Day Usage as the New Normal

10000mAh large capacity. Bidirectional lightning-fast charging* HONOR PowerBank 10000mAh full charge:

HONOR Power Bank

9V/2A — approx. 3 hours

5V/2A — approx. 5 hours

*Data is obtained from HONOR lab testing conducted at a temperature of 25°C and comparative humidity of 45% to 80%. Tested devices are charged from 1% remaining battery.
 Actual charging performance may vary according to environmental factors.
*For an optimal fast charging experience, use the authorized HONOR charger and 2A cable that come with the product.

HONOR Power Bank HONOR Power Bank

Seamless Meld of Sight and Feel

Inventive design, inspired by polyhedron column architecture in ancient Greece, reveals an intricate form. Smooth transitions from light to dark, combined with a gracefully arched structure, produce a strong visual contrast. A crafted and textured finish provides for a comfortable, slip-free grip.

HONOR Power Bank HONOR Power Bank
HONOR Power Bank HONOR Power Bank

Trusted HONOR Quality

The product has gone through stringent reliability tests to ensure that rigorous HONOR quality standards are met.

Select reliability testing standards*:

USB plug/unplug tolerance:

USB A/3,000 times, micro B/3,000 times

Cable bending tolerance:

200g load, 2,000 times

Roller test:

0.5m in height, 100 revolutions

Collision test:

1,000 times

Short-circuit protection test:

3,000 times

Battery cover weight bearing test:

70 kgf (the force is kept for 5 seconds at the maximum limit)

Button endurance test:

5,000 times

*Data obtained from controlled HONOR Lab tests, and may not account for all products. Actual product performance may vary.
*All displayed images are for reference only. Real world conditions should prevail.