Recruitment Details

GPU Turbo, a revolutionary graphics processing acceleration technology with hardware-software integration, providing global users with a smoother and faster mobile experience, is finally here. Want to be the first to experience what GPU Turbo is all about? Submit you're an application to get a chance to be one of 15 members to receive an exclusive beta test update! In addition, we’re also inviting 15 people to join us for a night of fun at GPU Turbo Party!

Recruitment purposes
GPU Turbo Testers Recruitment on July 17th
Chance to attend to Honor 10 GPU Turbo Influencer Party on July 17th

Basic Requirement:
1. Honor 10 users.
2. Accept to receive the beta testing system push on 17th July, which updated the GPU Turbo.
3. Be available to attend the Honor 10 Influencer Party in London on July 17th. Note that you would have to bear your own travel cost.

How to apply
1. 【Honor Beta Test Application - GPU Turbo】.
2. Everyone hates lag. Share with us your most memorable pet peeve while playing your favorite mobile game with the hashtag #Honor10 #GPUTurbo

Today up to 12th July, 2018

We will announce the selected Honor GPU Turbo Testers on 13nd July, 2018 on Honor Beta Club Facebook Group ( and also via mail is the participant is selected.

Selection Criteria & Important Rules
1. Submit the Honor Beta Test Application for GPU Turbo.
2. Share your gaming pet peeve on Honor Beta Club on Facebook.
3. Be an active member of Honor Beta Club Facebook Group.
4. Preferably, but not limited to, be an Honor 10 user.
5. Should follow the testing guidelines provided by Honor.
6. Sharing of test related results should be approved by the Honor team coordinator before being posted.
7. Be fairly knowledgeable about mobile phones in general.
8. Have a flair for writing good content in your native language.

1. Stand a chance to join Honor 10 GPU Turbo Influencer Party on 17th July and meet your favorite influencer to discuss tech in person.
2. Be the first to experience our all-new graphics processing acceleration technology.
3. Be conferred the prestigious title of the Honor CEO, who will enjoy priority access to experiencing and test future Honor products and attend Honor fan events and product launches.

*Honor Influencer Party is happening 17th July @ Graphic, 4 Golden Square, London.

  • The one who is successfully selected as a tester will receive the newest GPU Turbo system push on 17th.
  • The Influence Party basic info:
    Date: July 17th
    Location: Graphic, 4 Golden Square, London, W1F 9HT
* Check the time and rules carefully for not missing the chance.

GPU Turbo and influencer party

It’s time for you to seize the chance to be our first Honor 10 users to experience GPU Turbo, and communicate with Top Tech KOLs face to face in London. Are you ready?

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