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CA Blog How to use sound recorder to get recording on HONOR 10
January 7, 2019

How to use sound recorder to get recording on HONOR 10

To record sound is handy with the voice app in the phone. Many Android phones have sound recorder installed, so that you can use the app to record your own voice or any other sound like class lectures, meetings, converts, and more.

Then how to use sound recorder to get recording? Take Android phone HONOR 10 as an example, we will show you how to use its sound recorder.

1.Open Sound Recorder in Tools: This app allows you to record audio on your HONOR 10. And all the audio files will be recorded in the Recordings.

sound-recorder-step1 on HONOR 10

2.Tap the Sound Recorder button to begin a new recording. Your HONOR 10 will immediately begin recording audio. Once the recording is ok, you can touch Stop to finish it. sound-recorder-step2 on HONOR 10

3.Save the recording. In normal situation, the recording name is defaulted by the time. You can change the name by your preference.

sound-recorder-step3 on HONOR 10

4. Check the finished recording files by tapping the button Recordings. Click the button Recordings, you will see all the finished files are saved there.

sound-recorder-step4 on HONOR 10 sound-recorder-step5 on HONOR 10

Meanwhile, you can choose to sort the files by time or by title name.

sound-recorder-step6 on HONOR 10

After the above steps, you can play back the recording by tapping its play icon. This will allow you to listen to the recording on your phone. You can also drag the timeline to set where you want to playback or where you want to stop.

Certainly, there are other apps you can choose to download to help you record audio. There are a variety of recorders available on the Google Play to suit your needs better. If you want to add more effects, more file formats, adjust levels and advanced edits, you can choose one from Google Play on HONOR 10. Voice recorder is that third-party app you can choose to achieve your goal.

Have you known how to record audio files now? Wish this article is helpful for you.