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February 3, 2019

HONOR’s Best Android Phone in 2019 – HONOR View20

Till end of 2018, among all the smartphone operating systems, Android mobile phones take around 85 percent share of the global market. In recent times, many Android flagship smartphones come with 6GB RAM or above, equivalent to the RAM available on a normal laptop. The smartphone camera quality has also improved tremendously in recent years, and the highest camera resolution now reaches 48 megapixels with the support of Sony IMX586 CMOS image sensor, which rivals that of a DSLR. Android smartphone processors, the most important and one of the most expensive hardware for a phone, are powering Android smartphones to perform much faster, and some of the best Android smartphone processors include HiSilicon Kirin 980 and Snapdragon 845 (Compare Kirin 980 vs Snapdragon 845).

With all of the above in mind, there are not a lot of options to go through, especially when we are considering the price tag. HONOR has just launched globally on Jan 22nd, 2019, the latest flagship smartphone – HONOR View20, which meets all the criteria we have listed above, and thus is considered as HONOR’s best Android phone in 2019 till now.

Let’s first have a look at the great features of HONOR View20 is providing.

HONOR’s best android phone in 2019 – HONOR View20

Among all the major breakthroughs, 48MP camera, 25MP in-screen front camera, 7nm Kirin 980 AI chipset, AI Triple-Antenna Wi-Fi technology and the aurora nanotexture design are the world’s first features of HONOR View20.


1. 48MP Smartphone Camera - HONOR View20’s rear camera is the first ever on a smartphone to be powered by the SONY IMX586 stacked CMOS image sensor, which features 48 effective megapixels on a 1/2-inch sensor, delivering excellent image quality.

HONOR’s best android phone in 2019 – HONOR View20’s 48mp camera photo

2. 25MP In-Screen Camera - HONOR View20’s new HONOR FullView Display is more complete. The in-screen front camera is specially placed at the upper left-hand side, maximizing the viewing area of the full screen and leaving enough room for the front camera, and avoiding any disruptions to your viewing experience.

3. TOF 3D Camera - The 3D camera is a range imaging camera system that calculates distance based upon the speed of light -- measuring the time-of-flight of a light signal between the camera and each point in the image. This is done by emitting infrared light to measure the distance between the smartphone and the subject, and distinguishing its shape.

HONOR View20’s 3D camera can also be used as a handy motion sensor for 3D motion sensing games at home, with no special gaming controllers needed. With HONOR dock, cable or wireless connection, you can connect the phone to a TV and enjoy motion sensing games like fancy skiing and fancy darts with real time movement detection.

The 3D camera captures depth information to instantly identify and precisely separate people from backgrounds. Now, you can enhance body shapes in your videos and pictures to get the perfect look.

AI Object Identification and Shopping

1. Magic AR - With the 3D camera, HONOR View20 can capture the skeleton and recognize your gesture in real time. The installed AR will magically follow your own unique dance movements and it can dance with you in real time.

2. AI calorie counting - People pay much more attention to their diets these days. By leveraging HONOR View20’s 3D camera and AI capability, you can calculate how many calories are in the food you eat. When you point the rear 3D camera at your food items, the camera can calculate calories by measuring the depth of objects.

HONOR’s best android phone in 2019 – HONOR View20’s AI calorie counting

1. AI Shopping – the HONOR View20 camera is able to recognize the object and provides you information about the price and availability either online or from nearby shops.

HONOR’s best android phone in 2019 – HONOR View20’s AI shopping

2. AI Objects Identify - HONOR View20’s AI capability can identify landmarks and paintings. It can identify over famous 300 landmarks and 100,000 paintings from around the world.

HONOR’s best android phone in 2019 – HONOR View20’s AI objects identify

7nm Kirin 980 AI Chipset

1. GPU Turbo 2.0 - The Kirin 980 includes Mali-G76 GPU to improve performance by 46%. HONOR View20’s performance has significantly increased, while reducing its energy consumption by 58%.

HONOR’s best android phone in 2019 – HONOR View20’s GPU Turbo 2.0

2. AI Dual-Frequency GPS - The smartphone is probably your best travel companion because of detailed mobile maps and accurate GPS. HONOR View20 adopts a new approach by leveraging L1 & L5 dual frequency simultaneously. The new Dual Frequency GPS technology allows you to always find destinations with tremendous accuracy.

HONOR’s best android phone in 2019 – HONOR View20’s AI Dual-Frequency GPS

3. AI Video Editor – which can identify faces and create separate video highlights for individuals.

HONOR’s best android phone in 2019 – HONOR View20’s AI video editor

4. AI Triple-Antenna Wi-Fi technology - This technology utilizes multiple antennas to prevent the signal from weakening when a user’s hands covers the receiver. Signals will be channeled between different antennas and the best network signal for gaming and other applications can be enjoyed in every moment, everywhere.


1. 6.4-inch HONOR FullView Display - HONOR View20 has adopted a design of full screen view, which is called “HONOR FullView Display”, with under-screen cameras. The under-screen cameras make the HONOR FullView Display possible, and the 48 MP Camera supports optical image stabilization function.

2. Aurora nanotexture design - From a design perspective, HONOR View20 breaks the mold of traditional flagship smartphones in dimension and style. It aims high in terms of craftsmanship, materials and attention to detail. The fourth generation of nano-vacuum coating and invisible aurora texture process create a vivid and dynamic V-shape color gradient with gleaming effect.

HONOR’s best android phone in 2019 – HONOR View20’s Aurora nanotexture design


With all the above breakthroughs in smartphone technology, HONOR View20 is definitely the best Android phone of HONOR in 2019 till now!