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Honor Hybrid Earphones

Honor Hybrid Earphones

Distinct, quality sound

  Mid/bass boost
Clear, sharp treble

- Dynamic driver with pure mid/bass boost

- Balanced armature driver producing highly-resolved rich treble tones

- Innovative frequency separation technology for improved audio definition

American Knowles pro balanced armature driver

Knowles helps to gain incredible clear response from weak signal which lead any sound device perfectly driven, along with original sound clarity

Strong middle bass achieved through customized dynamic driver diameter

- 10 mm diameter

- Japanese Daikoku coil

- American Dupont diaphragm

- Fully display outstanding middle bass sound quality

Innovative physical frequency division & Clarified all ranges of sound

A magical mechanical cavity structure filters and displays bass and high frequencies sound through dynamic driver and balanced armature driver, respectively.

* Loss of sound quality is avoided by not adopting traditional capacitance, in order to give a clearer, more penetrating sound.

50° Deflection cavity design

- Create your own peaceful time and hear yourself.

- Creative deflection cavity design contributes to enlarge diameter of the driver, expend EQ range and enhance the sound quality.

Ultra-modern appearance

We believe a perfect earphone deserves everything

- Processed shiny border

- diamond sand blasting technology

- hundred times of testing on granules…

Subtle reflection


- Anti-winding properties

- Pull-resistant wire coved by TPE layer prolongs the lifetime

- Oxygen-free copper enhances electrical conductivity and reduces signal distortion


3.5 mm gold-plated plug, along with short-circuit protection design, helps to prevents oxidation, reduces signal transmission loss, bring back the original sound

with three

Easy to answer/end calls, play music, and control volume.

* Compatible with mainstream Android phones

Treat your ears with gentle care

Greater care and invisible feeling

Ear pieces available in all sizes

Select your own suitable ear piece sizes (small/medium/large) for longtime using

Silica gel material

Enjoy the delightful music with soft, safe silica gel material which even suits sensitive skin.

Inclined design

50° angle design prevents your ears from noise and uncomfortable feeling

Professional earphones that have undergone Burning in

Honor Hybrid Earphones have undergone “burning in” so as to enable superior sound production.

“Burning in” the earphones is a fast way of increasing their stability, improve compliance and enhance sound quality.

Accompanying you for a long time

Honor’s quality commitment is reliable and trustworthy

Hardware reliability test data