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December 10, 2018

The Gaming Experience – HONOR 10 Lite Review

HONOR 10 Lite loads Kirin 710 processor, the flagship mobile platform self-innovated by HONOR R&D team. Its performance and advanced 12nm processing manufacturing have exhibited the advantages and got them validated on its brother model HONOR 8X. Here, we will provide the gaming experience review of HONOR 10 Lite.

HONOR 10 Lite

HONOR 10 Lite - Kirin 710 Quasi Flagship GPU Turbo2.0 loaded to reach for high frame rate.

Kirin 710 is equipped with four A73 and four A53 CPU cores, of which the top frequency is 2.2GHz and 1.7GHz respectively. Compared with Kirin 659, its singular core performance is up by 75% and multi-core performance up by 68%.

In the perspective of GPU configuration, Kirin 710 is integrated with Mali-G51 GPU, which realizes the performance up by 130% and EER up by 100% compared with 659. And with the supports by Huawei GPU Turbo 2.0 Tech, it continues to have a stable plays at super levels.

No matter say its naming or specs, Kirin 710 serves as the qualified successor of previous Kirin 659 for current flagship mobile platforms.

1. GPU Turbo 2.0

GPU Turbo 2.0 is the iterative tech self-innovated by Huawei in parallel with EMUI 9. GPU Turbo 2.0 proves to receive great uplifts on the touch control experience in gaming scenarios and the function experience of gaming assistant, allowing for the average touch control response delay interval reduced by 36%.

Based upon EMUI OS, GPU Turbo 2.0 breaks the treatment bottlenecks between GPU and CPU through the dispatch of system bottom layer to achieve the real SW and HW synergy and have overall efficiency of GPU image computing improved greatly.

Play games on HONOR 10 Lite

We open the game interface of Honor of Kings and activate character outline, high frame rate, multithreading, best image quality, high particle mass and more essential options for advanced plays.

FPS on HONOR 10 Lite

During the gaming process of Honor of Kings, its frames keeps at a range between 57 and 60 with little fluctuating margin at around +-3 frames. You can see that, with the loaded GPU Turbo, Kirin 710 proves to be very powerful in its gameplay performance, which ensures the full frame running of Honor of Kings. Therefore, at such pricing level, HONOR 10 Lite has solid reasons to be high-rated as excellent in performance compared with those of the others.

More noticeably, GPU Turbo 2.0 is well-known as one type of universal tech framework that doesn’t require those game makers to do the version adaptation. Currently it has completed the compatibility tests on variety of mainstream mobile games like Honor of Kings, QQspeed, Cross Fire, Knives Out, PUBG Mobile and the Army Attack.