HONOR Play: It is surely "More than a Gaming Phone"

I know, the title of this review has a different aspect about this device, However, let’s try to see, if this is JUST a Gaming device or Is there any other or different aspects of this device too, so that a Person can choose this device, even he/she doesn’t play games 24*7.

We have seen a lot of Reviews (Positive, Negative, Paid, Weird etc.) and everyone has focused more on Gaming review. So, this review will go more around untouched topics by Reviewers and things which really matters to us (consumers) in a long run.

I have been using this device from last few weeks as my daily driver (all Thanks to HONOR Community team for choosing me for Early Access Program for this device), hence can provide feedback/review on real time usage. (I have 4GB/64GB Variant)

Let's start with Pros & Cons of this device.

• PRICING (Flagship Internals/Hardware under 20,000Rs)
• GPU Turbo (This is scary for every other OEMs)

• Future Ready with Dual VoLTE, 5Ghz Wi-Fi network support
• Headphone Jack (Yes, I can still use my HD Pro Wired Headphones)
• AI Camera (You can't see it, unless you see that [Less Artificial, More Intelligence])
• Superb BIG screen which is Crisp and Clear
• Amazing Battery Life with Fast Charger (included in Box) - SOT(Screen On Time) vs POT (PUBG On Time)
• Android Oreo 8.1 with EMUI 8.2 on top which is more cleaner and more white

• Notch is slightly big (compared to 9n, HONOR10 & not iPhone, hide almost all app/notification icons)
• Bluetooth 4.2 (Huawei/HONOR should go for Bluetooth 5.0 now)

Display: First thing we notice about any device is its Display, it has a huge 6.3 inch screen which is 1080 x 2340 pixels, 19.5:9 ratio (~409 ppi density). Screen is BIG, crisp and looks stunning. Viewing angle of the device is nice, clear and doesn't feel any over saturated display.

BIG Display also helps to read content with less scrolling.

Performance: Performance of any device can be judged by only 2 things, Run Apps and see how fast it opens and performs (but everyone uses different apps) Or Run AnTuTu/Benchmark results. I am not a big fan of these numbers, however, let’s try this.

• It clearly beats Google Pixel 2/2XL, Note 8, Essential Phone, Samsung S8 in AnTuTu Results
• Also, Gives tough competition to Pixel 2, Note 8, Galaxy S8 in Benchmark score.

Now here is catch, which of these devices even come closer in terms of Price, Note 8 is almost double or triple the cost of HONOR Play.
Below are some Result of AnTuTu and Benchmark

Battery Life : This is interesting Part , Battery Life of any device can't be judged by anyone usages, as everyone uses the device differently, SOT(Screen On Time) can be different while watching YouTube Vs Navigation Vs Playing Game. Hence, below are few result of my daily usage.

My Daily usages consists of almost 2 hrs of Navigation (Maps, where GPS are active all the time and 4G LTE network data), Social apps, and Phone calls etc.

• 2 hrs 27mins SOT and Battery still at 59%
• Under 5% battery consumption overnight
• Over 24 hrs of normal/medium usage
• Full Day Battery for Heavy Users/ Gamers

Camera: Finally, This is something interesting area of this device, (16+2) 16 MP, f/2.2, PDAF 2 MP, f/2.4, depth sensor. A lot of people, reviewers are complaining about this, but i won't comment too much and leave all feedback on you all to check and give your true opinion. (Don't believe in others, See yourself and believe)

Below are some samples which i clicked with more casual way (All Stock pictures, NO EDITING)

For More Samples, You can check full post from of Champion Neeraj KT --> A day out with HONOR Play - Camera Samples

Notch - You don’t want - Ok, No Problem

Notch, you want - Ok

Headphone Jack: Whoever have bought some high range Wired headphones in recent time, don’t worry, you are safe with HONOR Play, as this device still have an awesome headphone jack ;-).

Fast Charger (INCLUDED in Box) and Type C: It’s a future proof device with Type C connector and Fast charging capabilities. I have tested charging this device and it charges from 0-100% within 60-70 mins (if you don't use it along ;-)).
BTW, now a days, not everyone provides fast chargers in the box ;-).