[HONOR 8X]: Perfect Blend of Design & Uniqueness: BIG, BOLD & BEAUTIFUL

Let me start this post by saying this that "This is my Favorite HONOR Product on 2018"

HONOR 8X has become a sensation in Mobile Industry recently. where its first sale is going to go live on 24th Oct, Let’s talk about few of its Major Highlights which makes this Device Unique and surely different from any other device in this price segment.

I define HONOR 8X as a Perfectly Blend of Beauty and Power which i showcased in my previous Post --> [HONOR 8x] First Impression: When Beauty Meets Power

Let’s talk about 3 things

1) Small Chin Display

2) New Kirin 710

3) Dual Pattern Glass Back (My Favorite)

Small Chin : We all have seen this device doesn't have that larger chin at bottom and it feels soo close to your hand, How it is achieved ?

COF stands for “Chip on Film” which replaces the older and more traditional COG (Chip on Glass) method. Compared to COG technology, COF reduces the bottom border of the device by 1-2mm. This technology does make the manufacturing process more difficult that is reason most of manufacturer doesn't implement this to keep the cost low.

Results is a Big, Beautiful Full View Display

“The 8X with its 6.5’ IPS display feels the same as a 5.5’ display when you hold it. Comparing with competitors, the HONOR 8X wins out obviously with its 4.25mm chin, which is due to the flagship COF technology”

- George Zhao (HONOR CEO)

2) New Kirin 710: Kirin 710 is new Processor offering from Huawei and successor to Kirin 659 with a 12nm Cortex-A73 generation-based SoC and a Mali G51 GPU.

If we compare Kirin 710 with Kirin 659, below are result:

However, in layman language, this works super-fast, I have used HONOR Play with Kirin 970 and it almost give same performance in day to day operations. No Lags, No Hung situation.

3) Dual Vertical Pattern Glass Back (My Favorite): Now this is my favorite design factor which keeps this HONOR 8X differentiate from other devices on this price segment. It has two visual Vertical effects in glass with Nano-scale optical coating & unique pattern effect of HONOR flagship phones

It feels so beautiful in hands and colors shifted to dark, light blue during movement. Below are some pictures to showcase how beautiful and unique experience it gives:

Pricing @ 14999Rs (Base model), This device is unique in overall performance, with Power of Kirin 710, Beautiful design and Awesome display makes it unique in market.
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