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Welcome to HONOR Support
  • Step 1
    Backup data

    Device information will be cleaned up during repair, please backup your personal data and restore factory setting.

  • Step 2
    Registration of the application

    Submit your application and wait for Email confirmation.

  • Step 3
    ASC trouble shooting

    The authorized service center will receive the device and repair it.

  • Step 4
    Device delivery

    The courier will offer a convenient time and deliver.

Postal Repair FAQ:

1. Will my data be safe?

All data may be deleted from the device during the repair process, so please back up your data and restore the factory settings.

2. How much does delivery within the "Postal Repair service" cost?

Shipping is free for under warranty repairs and out-of warranty repairs it is available for smartphones laptops wearables and accessories.

3. How to make an application for the "Postal Repair service"?

You can request the service via hotline at our Honor customer support number 80004444408 or official website .

4. How long will the repair take?

It will take approximately 7 working days, depending on the types of defect and the availability of spare parts.

5. How can I find out the status of the repair?

If you want to find out the status of the repair, please contact our repair center Pedigri Technologies

6. How to pack equipment safely for transport?

We recommend that you pack the device properly to prevent mechanical damage during transport. For example, the original box in which you purchased the device is suitable. If the original box is lost, use another suitable box and filler (bubble wrap, newspaper, etc.).

7. Accessories

Before sending the device for repair, remove any accessories that are not included in the original packaging of the device. These are mainly protective glasses and covers or foils on the display.

8. Not applicable for the postal-repair

1)Non-Honor Products
2)Products is not purchased through UAE official channels
3)No service center related authorization

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Hotline Support
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